Packing for Mars

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    I just started reading an interesting book about the oddities of life in the Space programs of the various countries. I found some interesting parallels with wintering at Pole. The author has talked about Antarctica several times so far in the book. One of the interesting observations was that after about 6 weeks of life in the space stations, the astronauts would find hostility emerging due to the environment. There were three ways that they dealt with it depending on the individual. They could direct it against themselves and become depressed, against each other (but they depended on each other) and finally they could direct it against the far away mission control, by far the most common way of dealing with it. Seems like I’ve seen all three reactions at Pole with Denver taking the place of mission control.
    Anyway its an interesting book that you might enjoy reading…


    Number 3 happens a lot. It’s easy to blame somebody who isn’t there. A 4th option is to blame the “other season” employees. ” It was the winterovers that caused the problem”
    On the space staion it would be the person who just left. “What was he thinking. Attaching the A hose to the B valve”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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