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    I’ve noted in the past week a dramatic decrease in page load speed on this site. I’ve gone from 5 seconds previously to over 90 seconds in some instances, but never less than 30 seconds, currently. I’m only having issues with this site though. Is there something affecting the server, or should I be looking internally on my end?
    Thanks for any assistance


    There’s been a few days lately when things were a tad slow, but never like you describe. Tonight it’s taking about 2 seconds to load using my dawdling 512Kbps cable connection.

    Check things on your end…


    I haven’t had any issues with my broadband connection, but my 3G connection has been atrocious lately specifically with this site. 2 minute load times. Doesn’t make sense really, so its more likely the device I’m using over 3G. I’ll have to reinitialize it and see what that does.


    No problems here either. 2 to 3 seconds


    For the most part, it loads fairly fast for me on The Ice which is, itself, remarkable.

    from time to time though, I do notice slowdowns — the server that this thing resides on is a bit oversold so that is the most likely explanation for any slowdowns, however, I also have my suspicions that a slowdown may be occurring due to some external code being loaded (namely statcounter) – this code is actually of very little benefit so I may just remove it – but I do kind of like to analyze the results when I don’t have anything else to occupy my time……


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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