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    Baghdad Jim

    I know some might think this a touchy topic but I’ve only had one indication of any salary there (Raytheon).

    What are the relative pay ranges for the below engineering/researcher positions?

    Not like exact numbers–but really 2 different reasons:

    1) I read the income-tax issue and that guy was exempting less than 49k, and I wondered if that was all he was making for an entire year or if it was just a short contract.

    2) to get a feel for what to look into.

    perfect example–for almost 2 years, people were saying that truck driving in Iraq was one of the highest paying jobs around because of the danger. Truth is that its one of our lowest. We have master electricians/plumbers who make less than the laundry crew. Easily, they would’ve been qualified for laundry–but they never had a clue that they could’ve made that much more doing anything else.

    our ranges are 75k to 85k for all the skilled/craft/labor fields. 85 to 110 for general admin/procurement/sub contract admin. 110 to 130 for Operations/management. And the department managers float between 110 and 160 depenting on the department–but there’s only a handful of those.

    After 2 years over here–I’m getting close to moving on and Antarctica seems like a cool place to be with the same eclectic types of people from when I lived in Anchorage. But of course, there is the booty to consider.

    If you would rather reply offline: lightertack AT yahoo dot com


    The short story… If money is a factor, you’ll be disappointed.

    Take the salaries you quoted above and cut them in half — or more.

    Still interested?


    Baghdad Jim

    Oh, I easily understand that saleries anywhere else in the world are going be less.

    I’ve not even gotten anything back yet but I’m already looking forward to getting out there. Honestly, I’ll come over regardless of the pay (assuming I even get an offer). It’s not like I have any bills or anything. 😆

    yea–I’m still interested.

    I was hesitant to even post this question—I didn’t want to come off as one of those people that grumble around all day muttering about how so-and-so gets paid more, and comparing who does how much work, etc and all that other nonsense.


    Just to clarify things a bit, pay does matter, especially to those of us who return year after year — after all, we gotta make a living somehow. But given the oft-lagging pay scales on the Ice, it’s better for first-timers to think of it more as an interesting adventure rather than a way to make money. The salary earned on a short summer contract may not be enough to justify the hassle of quitting your present job and uprooting yourself.

    If you return year after year a few things happen. First, the contract completion bonus tends to go up a bit. That helps. Also, many people “scope it out” the first time by accepting some menial job and then come back the next year doing something better or else find a position that pays more. Eventually your lifestyle may adapt to fit your income (ouch).

    That is, until you can no longer afford the cost of medical care in the off-season…

    Regarding taxes, the official (?) IRS attitude is that income earned in the Antarctic region by US citizens is not exempt.


    HR tells me Raytheon has reviewed and changed the pay for as much as 80 positions in the USAP, my GUESS is for higher pay.
    As an engineer down here I’m getting average entry level mechanical engineering pay for the denver area. If you care enough, you can ask. The only problem is, my job isn’t an entry level job. Anyway, the bonus puts me over average and not having any expenses helps out even more. The pay isn’t so terrible that I have not considered coming back. Maybe we can swap places, I’ve been looking for jobs with KBR, or anything in Iraq really. I’d actually really appreciate any info you can give me on getting in over there, and I’ll tell you everything I can, if you care to chat.

    If not, hope that last little snippet helped.

    Baghdad Jim

    Nate, actually we just finished renegotiating the rollover to the new Task Order and have officially entered sustainment mode–I’ll drop you a line as to what that means out here.

    –and thanks for the heating info from your side of the house.

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