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    This seems to be the forum where perhaps I can get some answers.  Have reviewed most of the previous posts and I’m caught in a haze of confusion!  Looking to getting a position on the Ice in the future. 
    Wisdom teeth – 20 years of annual dental check-ups and only one dentist suggested I have my wisdom teeth removed, and not for any problem with my teeth.  Does everyone have their wisdom teeth removed, or is it because we only hear from those who had the wisdom teeth removed?
    Other meds – Is a presciption for cholesterol lowering medicine disqualifying?  How about a prescription to control blood pressure?
    I’ve had experience with aviation (including operations), teaching, and space.  Any suggestions on ideal positions to pursue?  (Thinking parts guy, shuttle driver, etc.)
    Would some experience with one of the companies that operates in the national parks be useful or considered resume enhancing? 
    Thanks in advance!  Rikard


    prescriptions don’t necessarily knock you out of anything. They will make wintering a little harder, but if the prescriptions work you should be ok. The serious stuff that causes you to have prescriptions might be another problem.
    Any and all previous experience that makes you a rounded individual will help.


    Meds are not too bad but if your cholesterol is too high they may ask you to have a stress test and consult, apart from that its mostly lectures about such.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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