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    Im surprised they are planning on only two Gen's in each Bldg, as of now
    they have 6 Gen's, two or three are for stand-by during the summer. The
    connection between both Bldgs are only for comfort besides….its only about
    25 ft or so. I was expecting at least three Gen's in each bldg. Have they
    started with the basic structure's then?

    How is night life at Gallagers? Does the REC Dept. put on good programs in
    Southern Exposure during the winter?

    Is Michael Blanchut on station for the winter yet? Normally he's a
    refrigeration UT but by now he might be higher up the food chain.



    They are just making the systems a little bit redundant. right now if we had a fire in either building we would lose all the water or all the power. By putting one RO water system in the power plant and 2 generators in the water plant we would have reserve capacity in both systems in case of disaster.
    Night life is as always. I stay away from the bars, but there is still a social life going on there. As far as rec goes, they have a full time dept devoted to keeping morale high and they do a pretty good job.
    Rick next time leave your message on the discussion page. I’m using this as a catchall for junk emails.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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