Pub Crawl in Antarctica

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    Those who are long time visitors to this board may remember a post from a couple of years ago from a pub crawl some friends and i organise where we aim to have people on every continent on earth having a beer on the same day

    Link to first message here –

    In the past couple of years we have had regular crawlers – but this year none of our regular contacts appear to be around.

    Is there anyone planning to raise a glass on Saturday 31st May? And if so would they like the excuse of an intercontinental pub crawl to do so?

    Just drop us a line at

    We surely hope so – for more on the crawl visit the associated forum


    Twas the night before Pub Crawl, and all through the land,
    All the brewers were brewing, to meet growing demand.
    All the t-shirts were printed, the almanacs sent,
    The ficus leaves shined, and the monkeys all kempt.

    But there was one little crawler, who was snoring in bed,
    She moaned and she groaned, and she held her sore head.
    She’d been out boozing, causing trouble and strife,
    And that little crawler was my own darling wife.

    But let us move on, for I’m afraid I digress,
    If I stay on this topic it’ll end in a mess.
    Let me remark, that it’s not yet too late,
    To join in the crawl, your fun will be great!

    If you’re in Melbourne, to join us on the bus,
    Just send us an email, there’s really no fuss.
    If you’re not in that town, to get your name on our list,
    Just drop us a line, to say where you’ll get pyssed.

    Yesterday we were proud to welcome Daylesford and Vienna,
    If I run short of cash, will you lend me a tenner?
    Okay that’s a sign, that this poem’s got lame,
    I’ll make a real effort to lift up my game.

    A thanks to all forums, on which we have posted,
    Except “Beer Advocate”, who don’t deserve to be hosted.
    So for tomorrow, I wish you all the best cheer,
    I don’t know about you, but I could murder a beer!

    As ever more information is over at our little forum:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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