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    My late Uncle was LTC Commander Harvey Guy Speed, he took part in ODF 56-7 and flew the QSS. I am an avid plastic modeler and recently found and purchased a model of the QSS. To make the model authentic am looking for anyone with real good pictures of her from when she was down there–to include all markings of the Navy, colors, patches and insignias. Have found a number of overhead shots, but really no side or bottom ones that show detail. If anyone has any photos or magazine shots any help with this project would be greatly appreciated. Some files are closed that is why I am having a hard time getting certain info. Thank You Karen


    Hi Karen,

    Are you familiar with the ‘save the que sera sera’ web site? There’s some side shots on there:





    Thanks Glenn

    Your link got me in better then when I had tried it from someone else about a month ago. Had quite a few extra photos that I had not found yet. I know there are plenty more out there. Question is who has them and if they are available for e-mail transfer or to be able to be put on a disk and sent out. A few people have written books on QSS and the South Pole but some are not readly available. Also some websites and other info sites are closed off–either because they are military related or security and family requests.
    Thanks for the new info though.


    Al Morgan here. served C4040-224 dump with VXE-6 back in 71-74 worked out of the AE shop at Willy Field. Thought I would see if any of the AEs from that time might be here, or if anyone might know where I can get in touch with Bill Potter from that time worked out of QA.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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