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    Hi Mike
    A group of us former Antarctic guys are trying to help pull together copies of the radio logs from previous years.  I know Charlie had his on the computer in the McMurdo shack last season and did not bring it home.  Any chance we could have copies or printouts of prior year logs – such as his – brought back at the end of the season?  Are you planning to operate this year?  Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.   Please feel free to contact me offline at  k2arb(at)    Adam x-KC4/K2ARB


    I can check for last years logs on the current computer. The older ones might be a problem.  The computer was replaced and are no longer available. I may have a copy from the time, but it’s been enough years and enough seasonal moves,  that I’m not sure where it is. Say hi to Charlie. Chris Post just emailed me that there was a group getting together.
    We are working on ham problems this year. At the bottom of the solar cycle, there isn’t much going on in the way of 20M propagation. I’ve got a rigblaster hooked up and have started playing with PSK on 14.070. It’s a different thing and kind of fun.
    We have a SWR issue at the moment and can’t use any power. The antenna has not faired well in the winter storms, and has lost parts of elements. The radiating elements look intact, so we are hoping it’s just a connection issue. We are waiting on someone to climb the tower and recheck the balun. If it works we should be up and running again.

    Robb WB8BHU

    Hi Mike, Remember me? Robb, WB8BHU/qrp. Last time I talked to you on the air, you were 50 miles out of Tahiti in international waters using home call KE6ZYK/mm.  That was May 29 of 1997!!  I was running 7 watts QRP into a dipole! I would love to exchange QSL’s for that 7 watt contact.  It was memorable for me and I even have part of it on tape! Never have been able to reach you at McMurdo.  Rig is now an Icom 735, but still only a dipole ant.
    Both my wife Barbara and I are now retired from teaching.  I want to thank you again for letting our students follow along with you on Escapade and down to NZ and McMurdo.  The amount of interest you generated among students and parents overwhelmed me.  I still have the map you sent me, and keep it in my den. 
    I have been reading the group messages, but hesitated to jump in.  What have you and Lori been up to?  I would love to hear from you via regular e-mail  wb8bhu (at) or rleamy (at)
    Say hello to Lori for me.  Best wishes to you both for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
    73 es take care Mike,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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