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    [font=Times New Roman:x2stj8d4]Just a quick question about the rayjobs site.[/font:x2stj8d4]

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    [font=Times New Roman:x2stj8d4]I applied on the site recently, and I’m wondering how much the online applications mean to the people looking at the applications and doing the hiring? I applied for a few jobs that I’m not really well qualified for, like the carpenter helper and the supply job, but I feel kind of silly when I answer the preliminary questions they ask and I have to say I have 0 years experience related to the position and only a beginner’s knowledge of the tools used in the job. I am attending the job fair, so hopefully the face-to-face time will help me in applying for these jobs, because it doesn’t look very hopeful for those jobs as it is. Do the online applications really mean that much or will my chances be greatly improved by going to the fair? Thanks![/font:x2stj8d4]

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    [font=Times New Roman:x2stj8d4]Casey[/font:x2stj8d4]


    email me casey.

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