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    I’ve tried to get a job for many years.. been constantly put in review status..
    never landed anything.
    I have noticed this year..
    on the rayjobs board and in the searches,,
    there are almost no jobs listed for rehire.

    This is new..

    Has the contract been lost?
    who’s the new guy?
    email me at fyancey@gmail.com if you have any news…


    Raytheon has the contract for one more season – an extension that was the request of the NSF. The new contractor won’t be announced till this summer…if then.

    Regarding job listings, this is the dry season. Summer’s over, the winterovers have been hired, and only current employees have access to the jobs for next summer. Those positions not filled by incumbents will be posted on March 1st. No job fair this year…again, so check the site daily.


    Sam Feola just came out and said that the NSF should make a decision on the new contractor sometime in March.


    So is the new contractor going to do the hiring?


    Sam said NSF is going to announce the FINALISTS by the end of March…that means that they’ll narrow down the candidate bidding teams from 7 to perhaps 3, and continue with “best and final” negotiations with these bidders. The current bid/award schedule is on this NSF page:
    http://www.nsf.gov/about/contracting/rfqs/support_ant/index.jsp which calls for “end of [boreal] summer 2010,” this is about the time of year when the last 3 contract award announcements were made. Of course this one will be a year later than the original schedule.

    While much of the more recent contract correspondence has not been publicly posted, hidden deep in the Q&A’s published with Amendment 6 of the RFP on the FedBizOpps official procurement site https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&tab=core&id=87824671817f98089cbac80ec9ad7731&_cview=0 there is mention made of the oral discussions to be held with the finalists after the “down select.”

    Sam also said that RPSC still needed to finalize with NSF the one-year extension of the existing contract before 1 April.

    Kelly, as for hiring for next season, Spidey is right, RPSC will do as they always have done and proceed with accepting applications for the new season starting 1 March. Undoubtedly they will do at least 98% of the hiring. But there is precedent for the new contractor to assist by hiring folks to fill last-minute winterover needs, some friends of mine were hired that way in the past.

    The bidding process and the official documentation is incredibly arcane. But because this is only the fourth one of these rebids that I’ve watched, because I’m fairly familiar with many aspects of the program, and because I have some contract admin experience from my real job, I find some of the minutiae rather interesting or even laughable.


    If you feel you are eminently qualified, plant yourself at your computer starting around March 1st and apply immediately when you see a job you like come up. The system will only accept a limited number of applicants and the job won’t become available again until the first batch has been processed.

    Good luck


    So we are at about 2 weeks and counting for those new slots.
    Has anyone stored away any of the job descriptions? Love to get a head start on things and just hit send send send at 12:01.


    I agree, Spidey, I’ve been looking for the job descriptions as well – for the same reason… Anyone have them?
    Thanks – Z


    spidey, It may be a rough IT year for a new hire. I’m hearing there are several returning people. That said, several people have been dropping your name. We’ll see what happens.




    Spidey, Apply for all the jobs. If you think you can do it and you have experience enough to get through the screenings then apply. After your first year you will have more personal contact with the people who do the hiring for the jobs you really want.

    For materials, you pretty much need to have had some work experience in the inventory control areas where you have worked.
    Forklift use and use of any material handling equipment is a plus. Material handling skills will have to show on the resume to get past the initial screenings. The IT materials person is probably coming back next year, however when you get hired, you can be put anywhere on the base. Just because you are IT doesn’t mean it’s the only place to work. Inventory control is more about assigning stock numbers to items and then counting, moving, storing, receiving, shipping ect the item. Stock number H5009 could be ball bearings, a frozen leg of lamb, an electrical box, or a 2 X 4. It doesn’t really matter. You just see it by it’s numbers and keep track of it.
    It’s a great job, but not for everyone. Mid level pay, but you could end up your whole season in Antarctica in a windowless warehouse sorting nuts and bolts and bagging them into countable sizes. It’s all about the numbers. Anyone who has worked inventory control knows this. The nice thing is that some of the items to track will be stored outdoors. To a small extent everyone gets outside a little.


    I went to the Polar Road Show in Seattle in May 2009. There I got the 2010-2011 jobs list, and have scanned it in as a PDF for your viewing pleasure.

    You can download it here:


    Hi everyone,

    I found this message board after searching for information on jobs in Antarctica and all the information here has been great. It definitely takes a lot of the mystery out of the whole process. Anyhow, I’m not sure if this is old news, but I came across this article which gives March 31, 2011 as being the exact end date of the Raytheon contract. Here’s a link to the article:




    Welcome to the board Bryan!

    Yup. BusinessWire and PRNewsWire are a bit behind the times, we’ve known about the extension since last year. That RedOrbit piece makes it sound like RPSC is being rewarded; in fact the underlying reason appears to be a snafu in the rebid process. See this thread.


    The whole rebid was a bit more complicated than originally anticipated. There are lots of government rules about partnering with minority companies. My understanding is that the bids that were recieved were too complicated to process and compare in the short time they had. hence the extension.

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