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    don’t ask outright for hotel cal, (we’re already talking like you’ve been hired) unless you are the party type. The people who love it love it. The ones who don’t hate it. It’s where a lot of young new people end up and tends to be loud.
    Lucky, you are back at winfly?
    Erica, will you be back anytime soon?


    Hi Mike,
      That is a good bit of advice.  I don’t think I could live down there.  I just hope I do not get sent there this season.  I could sleep in and it would take 1 min. to get to SSC, but, I think I will pass on both MMI or Hotel Cal.
      Hey…can you tell me if they are still selling those lightweight long underwear for women in the store?  I cannot find any I like here.


    Erica, my e-mail is So glad to hear from you-& I still have your stuff to mail to you…please send me your address! I wish you were coming back….

    Mike thanks for the compliment that I could possibly enlighten anyone! So glad not everyone saw me as annoying – it is easy to be passionate about something (the Ice) that so profoundly gets into your blood, as was so eloquently said.

    Mightly Atlas (that’s what you wrote on my butt – & yes, real women don’t like SNAGs), I think T-3 has set in as I don’t recollect much from working in the housing ofc ;-), but on housing I couldn’t live in hotel cal or mmi cuz I’m spoiled from living in 211 with older folks…& I prefer the bathroom down the hall rather than the suite style in upper case.

    Lucky, I forgot I wrote all over your hat…I’ll bring you one from Tejas….

    Kelli, where else are you going to meet people named Atlas & Lucky? Reason enough to go I say.



    Hey, that’s MY tagline:  ‘Meet Atlas – get lucky’…


    [font=Times New Roman:zsg863bu]Gees, you’d have to be crazy (or just Lucky!) to actually request Hotel Cal.  MMI, on the other hand…  I wouldn’t trade the experience of living there my first season for anything!  [/font:zsg863bu][font=Wingdings:zsg863bu]J[/font:zsg863bu]

    [font=Arial:zsg863bu] [/font:zsg863bu]

    [font=Arial:zsg863bu]Mike, wish I knew when I’d be heading south again, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point.  I miss the ice so much already – whenever I get back won’t be soon enough for me!  Hope you & Laurie are having a great winter![/font:zsg863bu]

    [font=Arial:zsg863bu] [/font:zsg863bu]



    Yea Atlas, be there early again this year, they had me pegged for Mainbody and 2 weeks ago I was called and asked to go at Winfly, scrambling now to get things ready a full 7 weeks sooner.
    Marsha, why would I want another cap unless its got your autograoph in it?
    Erica, we’ll smuggle you in, thats how much we all love you down there.
    Kell. Its not bad in the ghettos. Cal has a very tight communal aspect to it and last year we did have some troubles but the year before it was great, last year we had 5 returnees to Cal and for some of us its just more homelike. The poetry bashes, chess tourneys, philosophical and political debate night can all get heated and seem rowdy to observers but we are happy with the situation mostly. Cal and MMI are the only dorms with no cable in the room and Cal also has the internet hookup in the lounge so thats where many people hang out all the time and you get to know everyone quickly.
    “Meet Atlas – get Lucky.” Not sure how to take that, hehe. You mean I have to wait until you get back down to pre screen the women for me mate? what a friend.


    Hello all,
    Does the sun rise gradually, over a period of time, or does it simply rise one morning (when you receive daylight again in the fall)?  That must be a neat experience.
    Thanks to everyone who addressed the issue of housing.  I, er…traded in my party hat for a simpler way of life a few years ago, I better stick with the “older” folks.
    As far as where else I can meet people like Atlas and Lucky….er….maybe a 12-step-type meeting?!  Hee hee, I couldn’t resist.


    The rise and fall of the sun is gradual. Very gradual. Over a period of weeks to months. If you arrive at Mainbody it’s already light 24 hours a day. At midnight it’s bright twilight as the sun is just below the horizon. Somewhere at the end of October it rises a full 24 hours a day until the end of Feb. From Feb to April we have sun in the day and dark at night with it getting darker longer each day. At the end of April the sun goes down for good but it’s still bright twilight at noon. Somewhere around mid May, you go to lunch and notice that it is finally getting pretty dark at lunchtime. From then till the end of july it’s just plain dark all the time. The greatest day of darkness is the solstice on June 21’st The sun comes back up at the end of August and the cycle repeats. If you can get up high and look to the north there is always some faint light on the northern horizon at lunch, but at Mcmurdo we have hills surrounding us that block the view. It just looks dark to us.
    For all you previous winterovers, yesterday we could see a noticable glow on the horizon at lunch. The sun is on it’s way back up.


    It’s amazing the difference that 13 degrees of latitude make. We haven’t seen the sun for a month, but we can tell it still rises every day — the mountains and islands in the distance are lit up every day. We need that sun, otherwise the bananas wouldn’t grow upwards.

    g (at Palmer)


    Changes in Lattitudes – Changes in Attitudes. 
    Frankly, the closer one gets to 90 South, the better their attitude seems to be.  I sure would like to be near the equator right now to see if that’s true…



    Kell, you’ll meet us all soon enough, 12 steps from Gallaghers to the door to 155, thats a good program. Coffee house is always a nice place to be, quiet aNd relaxed with bad music in te background. Sorry, not a jazz fan, prefer classical for such environs. As long as you do not take your food to your room at the end of the day you are sure to meet most people from merely walking around and through the job being done. I was LUCKY that plumbing brought me in touch with everyone as I am the quiet type myself and so I met nearly everyone that way.
    Atlas, you would hate the heat, you are there too long now to stand the temps above 50 no matter what the humidity. Its 90 here now and I am counting the hours until I escape and head south to weather more my style, Equator would be a little much but a few carribean islands would be bearable though.
    Hope things continue to go well and I promise not to smile too much when I arrive there in 7 weeks, I know a lot of you hate us happy smuley people taking over your town, and after seeing the change from Winfly to Mainbody last year, I can understand a little bit why.
    Have fun all.


    [font=Times New Roman:zp1tropi]Lucky wrote:[/font:zp1tropi]

    [font=Times New Roman:zp1tropi] As long as you do not take your food to your room at the end of the day you are sure to meet most people [/font:zp1tropi]

    [font=Times New Roman:zp1tropi] [/font:zp1tropi]

    [font=Times New Roman:zp1tropi] [/font:zp1tropi]

    [font=Arial:zp1tropi]Actually, you can even meet people just by attempting to carry food outside:  a group of the PHI guys witnessed one of my scua attacks & (after they all stopped laughing) became fast friends of mine.  Eventually, they even stopped calling me “skua girl”…[/font:zp1tropi]

    [font=Times New Roman:zp1tropi] [/font:zp1tropi]

    [font=Arial:zp1tropi]Lucky, when have you ever been quiet?  I must’ve missed that day!  ;-)[/font:zp1tropi]

    [font=Times New Roman:zp1tropi] [/font:zp1tropi]

    [font=Times New Roman:zp1tropi]Erica[/font:zp1tropi]


    [font=Times New Roman:j99f6j59]Sorry about all the extra lines in my messages – have to figure out why my email is inserting them, since I don’t see it that way on this end…[/font:j99f6j59]

    [font=Arial:j99f6j59] [/font:j99f6j59]



    I had a good skua attack myself this year. Walking from the galley to 208. He saw me from the chapel and came to me at eye level. In between trying to fight him off he managed to get through the plastic wrap twice and stole his dinner off my plate.
    That’s my second skua attack in 5 years.


    [font=Arial:jkxu1geb]2nd skua attack in 5 years???  Wish I had that kind of luck![/font:jkxu1geb]

    [font=Arial:jkxu1geb] [/font:jkxu1geb]

    [font=Arial:jkxu1geb]Dunno what it was about me, but they were always eyeing my stuff – sometimes when I didn’t even have anything edible.  I didn’t count, but know I got teased at least a ½ dozen times for witnessed attacks and Barb from laundry had 2 patching jobs from when I fell trying to get away… in the 2 months I was there last year.[/font:jkxu1geb]

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