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    Howdy from Bill (Smokey) Erhardt,

    Received a Primary Contract today as Vehicle Operator and accepted. I had so much fun last year that I am looking forward to a full season in an extra ordinary place called Antarctica.

    Look forward to seeing everyone in Denver for briefing etc. and a chance to visit with my son and his family. My two grandsons have a lot of questions for me !!!

    Cheers from Montana Bill

    P.S. Snowing today and still in the 30’s with great spring skiing…. Remember, there is no such thing as to much snow !!


    Congrats Bill!
    I’m still waiting for my status to even change from recieved, but I understand returning staff has the edge (as it should).
    I’m dying to go skiing but this place hasn’t even seen snow in years.
    Have to make a trip to see one of my sisters out West.
    Hope I get to join you!


    Bill, got mine the other day as well. The drug test came yesterday. I need to get going on things. What is your IRLP node. I should try to contact you.


    I just found out that I’m not in consideration for a job which I’ve had 3 times during RPSC’s contract. I must not have padded my resume with the correct magic words. Altho it wasn’t my 1st choice, I find it is especially amusing since my end of season evals have been 2 4’s and a 5. I guess that is what I get for taking some time off. At least the other submittals are all in review.


    Too bad. It’s what we’ve been figuring out here. Initially the most important part is how to get through the HR screening process.

    I have a question for all of you that have moved beyond the first step. Did you have a short and sweet resume, a long drawn out one that covered everything, or something inbetween.

    For the job I got at the National Parks, I was told to put everything down. Many people have 15 page resumes. I don’t think that is a good idea at RPSC, but I really don’t know. So did you have a long or short resume.


    I submitted a 2 page resume and cover sheet for all the job I applied for. I had the resumes looked over by some friends who work in an HR department for advice and made some corrections. I just had a phone interview for the primary job I applied for. So things are looking good so far.


    All of mine were kept to 2 pages, and I tailored each resume to the job applied for, highlighting my job experience and education as needed for each position, but only as verifiable by my references.


    Ok Flynpngn
    Help us out. Were you applying for jobs you haven’t done before and that is the reason you were not selected? It may mean that you have to have previous experience in the job you are applying for and that just working on the ice in another position doesn’t help you a lot.

    There’s a lot to learn here. As we’ve said before, we really don’t know the exact process. We can get hints of the process from all of you. All we can do is provide a message board for everyone to compare notes and then all of help each other. It’s still sounding like you have to have a very targeted resume for the job you want. Everyone agree?


    I did a 2 page resume which seems like it’s been fairly successful so far; I’ve been qualified for 3 of the 4 positions so far, and the fourth was a lower seniority version of one of the other positions. Spidey, I actually ended up getting an email after what I thought was a rejection letter for the Mac Comp Tech position, letting me know that I qualified. I did apply the day the postings went up though, so assuming they go through them in the order they arrive yours probably hasn’t gotten reviewed at all yet.


    I filled out the application for two jobs about three weeks ago. I have only been contacted about one of them. First came the email asking if I was still interested, and then a week later I was called by HR to set up a phone interview with the hiring managers in Centennial. I have no ice experience and no history with RPSC. The interview lasted a little over half an hour. I’m a professional person with professional degrees so my resume was about two pages long. It was definitely tweaked to highlight my experience in the areas they were interested in. I think that is perfectly acceptable to do. In fact, I wrote a slightly different resume for each job I applied for.

    I have a lot of experience in a lot of areas, so there is no way I could get all my experience in a single resume, plus no employer is going to be interested in everything I have done. I also included a friendly cover letter that gave the hiring managers a more personal look at me than the resume could. I used the cover letter to specifically address why I thought I was a good candidate for the position. They had read my cover letter because they mentioned it in the interview.

    I have done hiring myself, and the trick to writing cover letters and resumes is to get the decision-makers to read them. If it is long, dense and hard to read you lessen your chances. It has to be formatted and worded so it is easy to read and presents a good narrative. Personally, I write in whole sentences with occasional short lists of related experience and capabilities.

    Hope this helps. Wish me luck.


    I applied for 5 jobs, all of which I am qualified for and have experience in the real world, tho only 1 of which with RPSC. I am currently in review for 4 jobs (and have been contacted by HR for a phone interview on 3 of those), and “not in consideration for this position” for the job which I’ve had for 3 different seasons. When I called the hiring manager (who was also my supervisor on the ice), he told me that my app had not made it out of HR. Since I have always used the same basic 2 page resume, with appropriate updates for work history, I find it irritating that tho it worked 3 times before, now, thanks to HR’s template, I am no longer qualified. But best of all, when I reviewed my job submissions, I found that I attached the wrong resume to one of the apps, and that is one of the jobs which is awaiting a phone interview. Go figure.


    Weird that HR didn’t pass you through on a job you have had 3 different seasons. Could be an error or could be there is more to this than meets the eye, like you made enemies? Since you have your supervisors name and phone number and keep in touch, I’d see if he can request a re evalution. No harm in asking.

    My fear is that the process is king and he can’t. In that case, watch for it to come open again and reapply with a very targeted resume for that job.

    Hope one of the others is fruitful for you.


    Just a quick question for flynpngn from an aspiring fngee, who is still in the “received” folder on four applications submitted for which I too am immensely qualified, with no requests for phone interviews yet.
    Can you share the name of the balm you use to take care of that irritation?
    I’d sure appreciate it for future reference, should the HR folks press the “ignore” button.

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