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    Hi Everyone,  Mike Poole just sent me an e-mail to address my original message to this discussion board, as your general board isn’t always viewed.  I would like to know if Mike Blachut is the Mike from Michigan?  Mike – if you are could you please drop me a line?  My 9 year old son is studying your place right now and he thinks it is the TOPS!
    He was studying about how everyone at McMurdo has a nickname for their jobs.  I told him I think I have an old friend who works there (saw your name when we looked up antarctica last year) and he would love to hear from the refrig-man at McMurdo!  Actually I would love to hear from you too, and find out how you ended up in “no mans land”,   I read your piece about, “a man and a place” and it sure did sound like the Mike Blachut I use to know!!  Anyway if you have moment it sure would be a pleasure to hear from you.  Take care everyone and stay warm (it has been hard keeping warm in MI these days)  Cindy (Gusho) Thompson


    Well Cindy it looks like everyone is gone. I got a letter today from one of my former coworkers and it looks like most everyone from the summer has left or is in the process of packing and leaving. I’m not sure if Refer Mike is staying the winter. I haven’t heard from him for a while. I’ll be returning to Mcmurdo in October so if your childs interest is still there then, I’ll try to find someone from Michigan to write to him.


    Mike Blachut is wintering at McMurdo. He spent his summer in Afganastan
    installing air conditioners in Army Tents. Now he is makiing ice cream in

    >From: “Antarctic memories”
    >Reply-To: “Antarctic memories”
    >To: “Antarctic memories”
    >Subject: Refrig-man
    >Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 08:51:03 -0800

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    Don, How are things. you must be on your way home by now. Let me know how your season went.


    Dear Mike P. and Don – Thank you both for your infor about refrig-man!  If either of you see or hear from him – tell him Cindy says Hi.  Thanks again  – Cindy T.


    Hey Don, I hope you had a good time down on the ice the last season… going back next year…?
    I will have to get you on the ham radio…
    Hello to everyone else on the list…
    I don’t often write much but I read all the posts…
    My name is Chris, I am 25 from Allentown, PA.. I have 2 seasons under my belt as a firefighter @ McMurdo..
    Anyone else from PA??
    I think we should all take the time now to introduce our selves…
    Hope I will see the Poole’s some time soon since they are just a few miles down I-95 …
    Cheer’s all!
    Christopher M. Post
    County of Lehigh – Emergency Management Agency
    Borough of Fountain Hill – Deputy EMA Director
    FEMA USAR Program – PA Task Force 1 (HAZMAT-Commo)
    USAP – McMurdo Station, Antarctica
    St Lukes Hospital – Emergency Medical Services

    Email –
    Office –

    This e-mail transmission may contain confidential and legally privileged information that
    is intended only for the individual named in the e-mail address.  If you are not the
    intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or
    reliance upon the contents of this e-mail message is strictly prohibited. 
    If you have received this e-mail transmission in error, please reply to the sender, so that
    proper delivery can be arranged, and please delete the message from your mailbox.




    Hi Mike,

    We had great season, but missed u at offload. Ship was delayed few days by
    storms, but all went well. I left on Sunday the 15th and am in Hawaii now.
    I tried another download of ur ham contacts before I left, hope they copied
    ok. The IRLP was up, but too much packet loss, made a few contacts, but no
    good conversations. How are u enjoying ur year off?

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