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    Hi Everyone –
         We all feel like we have been living in Antarctica this past month – it has been so cold here in Michigan.  I am hoping your Refrig-man – Mike Blachut is also from Michigan.  I read the article “a person in a place” and it sounds very much like the Mike I knew years ago.  So Mike if you have a moment could you please drop me a line?  I have a nine year old son who is studying McMurdo Station in school right now and he would be the “hip” (do they even use that word anymore) kid in class if the Refrig-man dropped us an e-mail.  He just brought home a paper which told a bit about the McMurdo Station and it explained how everyone there had a “nickname” for the jobs they do.  I told him that I think Mom knows a fellow who works there and I would write and see if Mike is that fellow.  It would be great to hear from any of you and keep up the great work and discoveries you are experienceing in “no mans land”.  Thanks Cindy (Gusho) Thompson


    Hi Cindy
    This is Mike and I’m not currently on the ice. My wife and I are skipping the winter season in mcmurdo this year and probably won’t return until October. We can however answer questions you might have.
    You left the message on the General message board, which catches all of the “undesirable” emails. Try posting on the discussion page which gets looked at by others. Maybe someone on the ice will answer.
    By the way winter in Antarctica isn’t much worse than winter in Michigan. It just last a lot longer and it’s a bit darker.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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