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    Baghdad Jim

    Mike, do they still roomate-up people in McM during the summer?

    Anyone know about the other sites?



    At McMurdo during the summer it is 2 to a room, there are some larger rooms mostly for short term passers-through and people that really want them (!). At Pole all of the rooms are private, including the cubicles in the summer camp Jamesways/hypertats. Some of the rooms in the new station have demountable partitions so that double rooms can be created for couples wishing to share a space (the downside of this is that if you’re in one of these rooms as a single, the partitions aren’t as soundproof as the permanent walls). Most rooms in the new station have windows, but there are some interior ones that do not.

    At Palmer Station there are double rooms as well at any season depending on the population….ithere are about 23 rooms so do the math. Usually during the winter the population is less than that. All of the rooms have incredible scenic views, but that is one of the neat things about Palmer.

    And on the vessels most cabins have 2 berths but what the RPSC employee gets depends on the job, whether they are working on board or just transiting, and of course how crowded the cruise is.

    During my first year at Pole the summer camp consisted of open bay Jamesways with bunk beds. But that was just a few years ago 🙂

    In all cases, the room selection and view or lack thereof depends on ice time. The view from the south side of dorm 209 is incredible.

    Baghdad Jim

    Thanks for the insight, bill. The more I read up on it and the more people I write…I’m begining to see why people keep going back season after season.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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