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    Hey All,

    I finally got cleared this week to return to the Ice, and because it is so bloody late in the year, I haven’t been able to do any roommate hunting. So this is my plea to y’all. Anyone looking for a roomie?

    I’m a non-smoker, non-drinker, and I usually choose a room on the 2nd floor of 211. Male or female okay, we can split the room for privacy quite effectively. I’m in bed nights pretty early, except Saturdays. I’ll never stumble home drunk and unable to be quiet when you are already asnooze. I don’t have guests over much and I’m not looking for my room to become a social gathering point, so much as a retreat.

    I’m getting down there mainbody, probably 2nd flight.

    I have 13 months program time (3 seasons) and am in Fuels, so as an ex-Housing geek, I believe that gives me 7.25 housing points. Anybody have the equivalent and looking for a roomie?

    Anybody game?

    Genevieve (the Fuelie)

    p.s. on a lighter note HOLY CRAP I’M HEADED BACK!!!!!! Yipppeeeeeee! Whoo hooooo!!!!!


    Fuelie?  Doesn’t that mean you smell like gas, and exposed flames have to be kept at bay around you?   
    I’d love to volunteer, but alas, I’ll be leaving in just a few days.    I’ll be back in late-October, though. 
    Good to have you back down here, Genevieve-ve!  Can’t wait to see you again.   


    No, I do not stink. Unless I’ve been playing with mogas. And we leave our work gear at the Fuels barn. You could dunk me in J8 and fling a match at me and I wouldn’t go up in flames. It may look like it because of the red hair, but that would be an illusion.

    Besides, there are those on Ice who react to the perfume of diesel as an aphrodisiac.

    You know you like it. =)

    Genevieve E.


    Oh nice, you got hired. I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of volunteers for roomies. . Glad to see that you are coming back . Will be looking forward to seeing you again.


    hey guys!

    having been G’s roommate for our first two seasons I can verify that she is the BEST roomie you could have if you want someone respectful, communicative (& she gets the New Yorker!) and loads of fun.

    I am on first winfly flight too! I’ll see ya’ll (Mike & []) tomorrow in Denver…looks like we’ll need a jacket & umbrella in CHC…

    have a fun break Atlas!



    For any of the new group. Good roommates can be a challenge. If you are a loud party person who plans on drinking in your room with friends all season, then don’t pick G. If you want to leave the rat race behind and you want a nice quiet place to come to then G is definately the type of person you want.


    Aw shucks, y’all are just too kind.
    If any FNG has questions about housing and different dorms and housing points, I worked my second season in Housing, so I know the score re: who rates what dorms, job points, etc. That can be a difficult labyrinth to negotiate for newbies. And as we all come closer to getting down there this summer, I’m sure questions will arise.
    And I have three seasons of accumulated stuff to make life down there a little easier, so being my roomie will have its advantages.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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