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    Quick general questions –
    Quick question: How closely related are RPSC and Raytheon? When working a contract position are you actually considered an employee of Raytheon or RPSC? It seems to me that RPSC is a subcompany of Raytheon even though business cards attained at the job fair simply say Raytheon in big bold orange.
    Any previous employees have any feedback on this?


    Rennie —
    Here’s the heirarchy…
    RPSC is Raytheon Polar Services Company, which is a division of RTSC – Raytheon Technical Services Corporation, which is a division of the big Raytheon mothership.
    All full-timers get the biz cards with the big, red ‘Raytheon’ on ’em. 
    I’m a contract employee.  No biz cards, but my pay advice has a big, red ‘Raytheon’ on it, and I consider myself a Raytheon employee.
    Hope this helps.


    Yo, Rennie —
    Weren’t you here about a year ago, looking for a job in IT?  What position did you apply for?


    Hi Atlas,
    Thanks for you response. I was wondering how contract employees view their position within the company and you gave me the feedback I was looking for. Most of my interest in working for RPSC and in antartica is the experience in the unique and also satisfying my interests for working with sciences, technology, and environmentalism. A small ~5% is adding a well known corporation to my resume to attract hiring managers in the future  
    I do not know what you mean by “here about a year ago” but you are right! I may have posted about a year ago regarding I.T. positions and have been lurking ever since. Your frequent postings stand out to me however you must have a great memory to remember my small handful of comments. Last year I flew in from Dallas to attend the job fair to the pleasant surprise of the RPSC staff. I liked the area so much that about 2 months later I relocated to Denver. It was much easier to attend the job fair this past April living about 10 miles away from the HQ on Tucson.
    I have applied and am currently in discussion mode with one of the supervisors that will oversee a desktop support position.


    Gee, Glenn —
    Glad you’re not bitter.
    Is that what time at the Pole does to a person?   
    I absolutely love the contract life.  We work hard, then we play hard.  A few months ‘on’, and a few months ‘off’…
    I’ve worked for a few major corporations, and yes, they do offer great benefits, but I’ve never felt like less of a person for being a contract worker.  If anything, I feel sympathy for my cubicle-bound counterparts.
    Life is good…


    Clearly I missed something above!


    One thing I’ll add is that while you are a Ratheon employee, you don’t really have the feel as a contract ice person, that you work for a major military subcontractor. Polar Services is a division of Ratheon Technical Services, which at one time and maybe still does do base management services. The big one they used to have was Qwajalein Atoll in the south pacific.
    However, when you reapply someplace else, you worked for Raytheon.
    Some haven’t liked being part of big corporation. A lot of the old timers came here to escape life. It was a somewhat loosy-goosy organization with a lot “personalities” in the management end of things. While that still exists to some point, in my opinion the work environment has gotten better. Normal HR rules apply here as in the states, which means you have the same sorts of protections you would normally expect back home. Raytheon has hugely increased the focus on not getting hurt, thats good. Training to standards has gained as well.
    It is also a business out to make a profit and will seem a lot like most any big company you have worked for.
    Paperwork, stats, and documentations have also increased- not so much fun-, but no more than the real world.
    As with Atlas, once bitten, most people love the contract lifestyle.

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