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    Hi, Mike and Lorie:  It’s Madaline from Lehigh County Emergency Management!  Haven’t posted any messages lately…. Well, this week, we are shipping our most valuable commodity back to you…Chris Post!  He’s going to be kind of difficult to pack, but we’ll do it with duct tape, and get him on that plane Thursday.  His second time on the ice!  One of our county dispatchers will be joining you on the ice in October…two people from the Lehigh County Court House in Antarctica…amazing!
    I read the message from Lonelyone to you.  Please tell him or her, that I am also living vicariously through Chris’ adventures.  I take care of my elderly mother, and don’t get too much chance to travel.  Hey, post me a message sometime, Lonelyone!  Keep up with Chris Post’s adventures…where he is, THINGS HAPPEN.  I’ll miss the lunches with him most.  Great eater, not too fussy!  
    Enjoy the upcoming summer.  I’ll be checking the webcam frequently.


    Well Madeline, if you are planning on packing Chris up with duct tape, make sure you but six rolls. Six big rolls at that. I’ll be leaving here in October, maybe I can get Chris to keep this up while I’m gone

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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