Solar Storms

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    [align=center:3maapzxw]With the rise in solar flares, you must be getting some fantastic auroras over (down) there.  Can someone add some more authentic photos to the album “aurora?”  Or is the fact that this phenomenon has increased instead of decreased since its peak year “no-no” information.  Anyone interested knows and even nasa is putting some of the sun photos on their site. [/align:3maapzxw] [align=center:3maapzxw] I could give you more info on what the cause is, but THAT they don’t want to admit to and prefer to play dumb (it had to be brought to their attention.)  Although the Russians have admitted to the barest fact that we have entered “a more energetic part of space.”[/align:3maapzxw] [align=center:3maapzxw]The aurora has really been inspiring down through the ages, with all kinds of lore growing up around it.[/align:3maapzxw] [align=center:3maapzxw]Stay cool, guys & gals![/align:3maapzxw] [align=center:3maapzxw]


    Hal838[/align:iy2459e6] Well I’m not sure of the reason, but last winter was a great one for auroras. Most of the times that Clark and I went on our trips we had auroras. The problem with pics is that right now it is daylight 24 hours a day so the aurora’s aren’t visible. I managed a few last winter but at 30 to 40 below zero my camera lens often iced up from my breath leaving fuzzy photos. Next year I’ll try to do better. I’m off the ice now until the end of January so unless someone there has photo’s to post, there won’t be any until I get back.
    enjoy the winter in the northern hemisphere, Lorie and I leave New Zealand tomorrow for six weeks of basking on a beach in Australia to warm up before we return to the ice.


    [align=center:fir7kp3x]Of course!  How dumb of me to forget the reversal and shift times, etc.[/align:fir7kp3x] [align=center:fir7kp3x]  [/align:fir7kp3x] [align=center:fir7kp3x]But I will look forward to whatever you can manage.[/align:fir7kp3x]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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