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    Hey guys,
      Great website, awesome and helpful information here. I went to the job fair this year, but was not lucky enough to get an offer letter 🙁  But i did meet a girl who worked in mcmurdo last summer as a DA. She was really nice, and gave me a lot of helpful information, on getting a job, and how things work down there, what to expect, it was great. So she also told me some gossip from last summer, most was amusing, but a few interesting things she said were. I was reading the thread about outsourcing the dishwashing jobs to NZ, she told me last summer a lot of dishwashers quit, or got hurt so they were so short handed that they made it mandatory for everyone there to do a day of washing dishes, and there were a lot of unhappy people, so maybe using NZ would make it quicker if they needed a replacement, versus getting them in from the U.S. ? maybe that sheds some light on why? She also told me that last summer that at new years eve 3 guys beat up some other guy real bad, and the marshall got involved and everyone but one of the guys got fired, which no one knows why he didnt. And now some of them went to jail? Sounds like you guys really know how to party down there.


    Good insight J
    The DA’s historically have injuries. I don’t think there was anything different last year. To keep the injury levels down, everyone last summer was assigned to help the dishwashers.This winter they went a different route. All the dishwashers are also GA’s. They spend half their time in the galley and the other half doing jobs around the station. Not only is easier on their bodies, but because they get to go out and do other things, the attidtudes are better.
    As to the fights. It happens now and then. The policy is that if you get in a fight you are gone. No questions asked, you are out on the next flight. Most people keep themselves under control.

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