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    Summer has arrived officially today, and you can even tell by the temps
    There was a heat wave to start summer today, the temp was +5F today but
    with a wind-chill it dipped to -15F

    We received a flight in today with a hundred or so passengers but no mail,
    the rumor is that tomorrow we will have one cargo flight with lots of mail..
    i could sure use my packages..

    The long shadows started a few weeks ago, from the sun being so close to the
    horizon when you walk outside your shadow looks like your legs are 100 feet

    The sunsets get more and more amazing, this picture i took out of the
    firehouse window last night, and the other pic is of the C-141 cargo plane
    on approach for the Ice Runway this morning..

    Some stats on the Ice Runway, It is 11 feet of thick blue sea ice, beneath
    that is 1000 or so feet of water in the middle of McMurdo Sound, its
    situated about 4 miles outside of McMurdo. There are full facilities at the
    Ice Runway including a fire house, dining area, restroom facilities with
    FLUSH toilets and a power plant to make our lights and TV work.. haha, we
    even have internet access and telephone from there…

    Starting the 22nd of October we will staff the firehouse at the IR 24 hours
    a day, Last year it was creepy to be out there and at night when your
    sleeping hear the ice creak.. when you think about where your at.. its a
    weird feeling to know your only 11 feet away from a thousand feet or so of

    Ooh i almost forgot the most important thing, i somehow managed to get 2
    oranges today, someone brought a bag of fruit from new zealand and left it
    in the firehouse.. Yum, i cant wait.. This is my first fresh fruit in almost
    45 days.

    Until Next Time,

    Christopher Post
    United States Antarctic Program
    McMurdo Station Antarctica
    Lehigh County Emergency Management
    Allentown, PA
    E-Mail :
    Amateur Radio: N3SIG / ZL5CP

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    Hi Chris,
       Would you be in the market to exchange some weather?  I can’t stand this humidity and debilitating heat of Florida that keeps everyone indoors under the tyrantcy of air conditioning.  I  so miss the walks to Hut Point, my last being in -70F right before leaving at Winfly.  At least at McMurdo, if you bundle up, the outdoors is an option.
       I really appreciate your e-mail diary so I can vicariously continue to feel connected to the Ice.  Seems unreal that I fly in a year ago and fell in love with it all.  If I can send you anything desired or needed, let me know.  Ask the incoming flight crews for any unused lunches and skua them for fresh fruit. The guys were tremendous in sharing them with us on the first Winfly back.
    The ex-skua Queen


    Hey Olena,
    I just wanted to let you know that we all miss you down here. The geology class went well and almost all of us ended with A’s. The science carps gave me a rock from Mount Erebus. It’s a small lava bomb full of Erebus Crystals. You would be jealous.
    Lorie and I will be returning next winter. How about you?


    hi  Mike and Lori
    Am still in Florida, leaving for my home and yacht in “God’s Country” Virginia next week. My e-mail will be but messages to this e-mail address will be forwarded to me.
    Gave a 2 hour talk on my Antarctica year and that made me so homesick for the Ice.  Due to the uncertainty of my Dad’s condition, I plan to stay here and aim for an August contract for another year. I do so want to return to McMurdo, hopefully not as a janitor.
    If you are in Virginia and need to place to stay, I have plenty, so you are always welcome: phone is 804-758-5497.
    Got an A also, now trying to get copy of transcript to fax to HR for the refund?  Have you applied for it yet and run into any problems?  Will take my rocks to William and Mary College for help in identifying.  Wish I had more Mt. Erebus crystals.
    Enjoy the real Outback (went to the restaurant here and it sucks)

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