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     [/font:u5dmpaak]Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the info. We will go shopping in Liverpool (England) were we live to get some suitable shades !
    It is a cruise for Donna (my wife) but work and a cruise for me. I work for Lindblad Expeditions, so will be doing my thing on board the MS Endeavour. We are really excited, but don’t know what to expect weather wise. I was in Svalbard in July, and know how cold it was up there. We go next month, and visit the peninsula. What can we expect ? What is the mean temperature for Jan on the peninsula ?
    Understood about the “General” board versus “Discussions”. I have posted this message on Discussions as well.
    Dan & Donna.


    I’ve never been to the penninsula side. but January in McMurdo starts off as the warmest time of year but rapidly begins to cool down. Two years ago it hit 50F on new years day. The peninsula is Way warmer than us. They have open water all year so I would expect that temps would be above freezing. The passage from Argentina brings you through the Drake Passage, which has been said has the worst weather in the world. Where we have about the driest weather on earth, expect the peninsula to be much wetter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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