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    We are off to Antarctica in January next year for 2 weeks.  Can anyone tell us what kind of eye protection to take with us?  Also,  should we take the higest sun protection factor available?  Look forward to hearing from you.
    Donna & Dan


    You need to have some very dark sunglasses that filter out uv radiation. Regular sunglasses don’t always do that. Also because of the glare off the water and snow it’s best to have polarized lenses as well. If you are not sure then go to an optomatrist for some advice on good ones.
    Next time you post here go to the discussion board instead of this one. This is where most of the porno junk mail ends up and most people would read much here.
    Hope you enjoy your trip. Where are you heading? Cruise or Mainland? Science trip or Tourist?


    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the info. We will go shopping in Liverpool (England) were we live to get some suitable shades !
    It is a cruise for Donna (my wife) but work and a cruise for me. I work for Lindblad Expeditions, so will be doing my thing on board the MS Endeavour. We are really excited, but don’t know what to expect weather wise. I was in Svalbard in July, and know how cold it was up there. We go next month, and visit the peninsula. What can we expect ? What is the mean temperature for Jan on the peninsula ?
    Understood about the “General” board versus “Discussions”. I have posted this message on Discussions as well.
    Dan & Donna.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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