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    being that i’ve got some raytheon cash to help pay for a good pair of prescription sunglasses, i’ve been trying to figure out what frames and/or lens type to buy.

    does anyone have any recommendations as to lens type? i’ll be deploying to south pole and working in cargo – so bright lights at high elevation will be the norm.

    the last time i picked up a pair i ordered off of the raytheon suggested list and got a pair of julbo sherpas. not exactly my favorites, but they work.

    still, anyone with some experience or knowledge in the areas of glacier goggles would find me an appreciative audience.




    At this very moment, I am wearing the prescription Oakleys that I got
    prior to an ice trip several years ago. They are still my favorite
    prescription glasses EVER, and are actually preferable to my contacts,
    as well. Two of my friends with lots of ice time originally recommended
    the Oakleys to me, and I definitely must agree – won't ever wear
    anything else!

    To get them, you go to an eyewear store with a good selection & pick out
    a pair of standard Oakleys in a style that you like. Stay away from
    Lenscrafters & other commercial “in about an hour” chains, since having
    accurate, proper measurements are key to making these lenses. If you
    pick a private place where they know what they're doing, eye
    measurements will be taken & sent to Oakley with your prescription &
    about $300 of your money. In a few weeks, viola! – beautiful new
    sunglasses arrive! 🙂

    For lenses, I have the grey mirrored polarized, which I highly
    recommend. They remove all glare & the harsh element of light without
    distorting color or making it too dark. Since sometimes I want to head
    indoors briefly without swapping, it's very nice that these lenses allow
    me to do so without it being dark. I forget that I even have them on…

    Wow, looking at the above, I feel like I should be getting a comission!
    I know it sounds like a commercial since I love them so much, but I
    really do. I wear them almost daily still – easily the best $300 I've
    ever spent.



    The issue that I had with sunglasses at the Pole was that when I had my face covered up with my gaiter (constantly), the sunglasses fogged then froze up instantly. If that is the case then you may end up using your goggles (issued) ALL THE TIME as I did.
    My Mactown issue with sunglasses (too warm for goggles) was that the wraparound kind (so you have your peripherals covered) stood too high on my nose, leaving a gap between cheek and lower rim where the light reflected up from the snow/ice and caused me issues. That’s a problem. You need to think in terms of sunglasses that keep the light from reaching your eyes on top, bottom & sides.
    Some Polies use sunglasses, because they are able to handle the cold on their faces and do not wear gaiters, or need their noses covered, but if you need to cover your face, especially your nose, your breath will rise into your sunglasses on the inside. Your goggles will also fog up, but games with duct tape can help solve that. Depends on your gaiter, face shape and goggles.
    Good luck.
    P.S. Congrats on getting to Pole. I LOVED Pole.


    P.S. I didn’t bother with polarized the few times I used only sunglasses. UV filters were sufficient, in an amber colour since they make the snow more detailed in grey light.


    Thanks for the advice, all. We’ll see how they turn out, but they’re on the way now.

    And GenevieveLE, I’ve actually been to Pole three previous seasons, just never bothered with any glasses other than Raytheon issue. I figured that I’d use the reimbursement to get a better pair this go around.

    I can’t wait to get back, it’s been almost two years since I was last down.

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