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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first year to apply for a position, and my first time posting on this board, but I’ve been lurking around for the past 7 or 8 months trying to learn everything I can. I applied for a few positions for which I consider myself very well qualified, and have already completed my hirerite application. Now I’m just hoping to hear back, and I was hoping someone could answer a quick question.

    The most applicable positions I applied for were “Lead Fuels Operator” (12355BR) and “Fuels Foreman” (12335BR). As I said, I consider myself well qualified for these jobs – the job description of Lead Fuels Operator is almost identical to my current job, albeit with more penguins. However, these are both supervisory positions, and I’m wondering how my lack of experience on the ice will effect my eligibility. That said, I’ve scoured the Polar Services job postings for “basic fuels operator” or a similar position, with no luck. Do they post these grunt jobs later? Should I keep checking? Is there another agency that provides that manpower? Is most of the refueling performed by other personnel? The positions have to exist, otherwise the Lead and Foreman would have no one to lead and foremanize, right?

    If I were to get an interview for one of the jobs I’ve mentioned, it’d be a wild dream come true, but how can I let Raytheon know I’d like to be considered for a more basic position?


    There is a Fuels Operator position, Requisition ID 12350BR, but it’s no longer posted, that would be your “basic position” you are looking for. Will RayRay repost that job, maybe, or they might already have all of their primaries/alts lined up. It’s hard to say, I guess just check everyday. The thing about reposts is that they can repost a job one day and get enough applicants and take it down the very next day or even the same day (in some extreme cases). So if you only look on a Monday and Thursday of a certain week, it might not be there, but in that gap, it could be reposted on Tuesday and then taken back down on Wednesday, and you might never even know it was there.


    While new people regularly get lead or foremen jobs, it would not be the norm. Apply for it, but I think you would find it tough. There are too many experienced people returning and they would expect you to have some familiarity with the positition. There are things you would have a hard time knowing. How is the fueling done at Marble Point. Do you need electricity for pumps? What voltage? What kind of fuses? Where are they kept? Do you understand Mapcon? Where are the parts kept? how do lay out the lines to fuel a russian boat. Is it metric or English?

    Now that said. If nobody else applies and you have the qualifications. You might get it and you can always ask lots of questions when you arrive. Likely thought it would go to somebody with local knowledge of the systems.

    You might apply for anything else you might be qualified for and work your way into the fuels are in later years.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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