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    ive heard a rumor that a ship left a few weeks ago loaded with old surplus equipment. final port will be california. does anyone have any info to confirm this, and what might be on the ship?

    im also looking for info and pictures of the old (1960’s) snow cat that have been there.

    please reply and forward info to


    I dunno about any particular stuff, but watch this space:

    Late March or early April…


    Steve —
    Every February we have a resupply vessel bring us 90% of everything we’ll be needing for the coming year.  When it returns to the States, it takes with it a number of empty milvans, a number of milvans full of recycling material, and trash.  There is a push to remove, or ‘retro’, items that are no longer used down here.  However, if you’re looking for a 4WD van, a Haaglund, or a Snow-Cat, you’ll be sorely disappointed – they keep those things down here forever.  We’ve still got trucks from the 50s and 60s driving around. 
    No, I don’t know what went north on this year’s ship, but any retro items will most likely be auctioned off.  Check the website that skua77 provided.
    Good luck.


    Most of the retro items this year are electrical. It would be a good year for the auction if you are an electrician. It’s too much comercial stuff to be worthwhile for a homewowner to bid much. I think the wire would probably go for scrap copper, but who knows. There are fair amount of boxes and things, but how many disconnect switches can you use if you aren’t installing them day in and day out.


    I went ahead and canceled your membership in the group. I think that is what you were asking me to do. If that isn’t what you wanted reappy and we’ll figure out what to do. You are still welcome to be part of the Antarctic Memories group[/font:f0x0qipq]

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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