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    I wanted to pass this along to all on my mailing list, this is from one of
    the OAE's or “old Antarctic explorers” from the Navy days..


    Sent: Friday, October 18, 2002 04:14
    Subject: Re: [antarcticadventure] Capt. Robert Scott's “Discovery” Hut

    This photo brings back a memory of a blunt reminder how lucky some of us can
    be at times. My job while wintering over was photography. The cross at hut
    point was down so another guy and I went over to photograph it. We were not
    allowed to leave camp alone. I had the camera setup (speed Graphic 4X5) for
    a time exposure so I could paint the area firing multiple flash bulbs. I
    got to close to the edge and fell (the other side of hut point not shown in
    your photograph). When I hit an ice shelf at the bottom I was mildly dazed.
    I swear I could hear breathing (not my own). I still had the flash
    attachment in my hand so I fired it to let my partner know I was ok. I
    yelled up to him to lower down an ice ax. I chopped foot holds and climbed
    back up. I was never able to verify that the breathing that I heard was not
    my own but a week or so later a leopard seal (88 inches long) was found.
    See attached photos.

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