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    Scored 40 on the OAE scale….and I have lost track of my Ice time.


    OK..that was 40 on the fisrst scale!

    Add this question:

    Have you ever broken a tooth on a dried out flight lunch?

    I did last MainBody…on the flight down from CHC…got to see the new station dentist right after I had my dorm room assigned…hadn’t been on station but a few hours and I’m at McMurdo General sitting in a chair getting a temp crown on a molar all because I bit into the flight lunch cookie! The new dentist said it would be covered under RPSC insurance….I got home and used my OWN insurance to get the tooth fixed. Less hassle……


    After only 3 seasons with VXE-6, I got a 32. Not bad I guess.


    Have see all flags of the Antarctic Treaty signatory nations flapping in the breeze for the arrival of VIPs.

    Attend a memorial service in the Chapel of the Snows for those who died in the NZ DC-10 crash into Erebus. And cried and sang the Navy Hymn.

    Remember the celebrations at McMurdo surrounding the 50th Anniversary of Admiral Byrd’s SP flyover attended by his nephew, none other than the present Senator Byrd from VA.

    Remember how many D8 dozers got *unloaded* into McMurdo waters.

    Eating on paper plates in the galley when water rationing is in place.

    Remember Dr Dick’s Killer Kleenex project producing brownnosed participants.

    Remember water rationing because the Navy *lost* fuel bladders and had to reduce fuel to melt snow.

    Had a hot soak in the firehouse *spa*.


    @momma lion wrote:

    Remember Dr Dick’s Killer Kleenex project producing brownnosed participants.

    “Blow a Dick’s for science!” :mrgreen:

    I wasn’t there for it but I heard about it, courtesy of Cmdr. Hi momma lion, thanks for dropping in on the board.


    Been There

    As I recall the term was D2K2 for Dr. Dick’s Killer Kleenx. Elliot got six or seven years of no cost extentions on his NSF grant.

    During one Winfly period Elliot was having a difficult time getting the community to use the D2K2. We got the folks running the radio station to come up with some commercials which played over the speakers in the galley at lunch time. At noon it would get quiet and the latest commercial would be piped over the PA……”Stick a Dick In Your Nose” was a great line.

    And the damn things worked too.

    Been There


    😆 😆 😆 😆 oh yeah! I think I still have an opened pack of d2k2s in my antarctic memory box…..

    Are there still *FNG* parties?


    hmmmm did 3 winters in the 90’s and only got 18 out of the first 50

    other questions…

    use a banana sled to go sledding in the bowl on crater hill?
    Walk around Hut Point on the ice?
    ride a trash can dolly down the ramp in the science center?
    Remember when the science center was called the “Biozone”?
    Know where “Elm Street” is?
    Ever met Chief Gallager?


    Hey, nice site, thanks moderators. Bill, I remember you well, and want to thank you for compiling so much Antarctic history and putting it on the internet.

    Between 1976 and 1994 I spent 84 months on the ice (I don’t think I ever lost track). Guess I scored in the 50 to 60 range. I have eaten penguin (and cod and gibifrons, however that’s spelled). Surely the most evocative question for me was about seeing a ship run aground, having been at Palmer when the Bahia Paraiso bought it.

    I’m surprised “Had an ice spouse” wasn’t on the test. Too risque for this board?

    Others: An Antarctic geographic feature is named after you. (not me!)
    Played in a Penguin Bowl
    Rode a ship from Mactown to Chch
    Got frostbite
    Completed the Christmas Race Around the World at Pole

    Well, no end of possibilities. How ’bout, “started compiling a lexicon of ice jargon?”

    Best regards to all you OAEs and FNGs. I’d be happy to chat with anyone interested.

    Been There

    This wouldn’t be Thumper would it?



    Not if you’re going to get me in trouble for eating penguin!


    Hi Thump, good to hear from you…still trying to find some time to work on my web site in my spare time…don’t have as much as I expected actually.

    I’m back where you were in 1994 about this time, except that the digs are a bit nicer. And yes there is an Antarctic Cod in the ice tunnels.


    Bill, you sure that’s not a sturgeon in the tunnel?

    And yup…

    — there was a time when I started a lexicon of Ice-speak.
    — got frostbit
    — ran the race around the world at the pole (twice)
    — and had an Ice-wife.

    Haven’t eaten penguin, but did try ice-fish (notothenioid) and krill. Still wish I could get “bar” ice for my drinks at home.

    Been There

    Damn you guys must real be a bunch of old farts….. 😉
    My experience on the ice does not compare with yours… 😉 😉

    Now lets go back to when there was no 155, no Chalet, no flush toliets and showers and you walked over to the Red Head and crapped in a barrel with a plastic bag liner. Showers were limited to twice a week, two minute showers, and that’s when we were not on “water hours”.

    And I don’t even want to listen to all the whining about limited bandwidth, poor TV selection, slow downloadsl, limited phone lines and no mail and freshies. The new folks are totally clueless and have zero appreciation of how good it is today. 🙄



    …and Palmer pulled their water from the skua pond above station (and we were happy while it lasted).

    I was trying to come up with a snide, Atlas-style comeback but all I could think was, yeah, we’re a bunch of old farts and some of us are even older farts.

    @Been There wrote:

    The new folks are totally clueless and have zero appreciation of how good it is today.

    So true.

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