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    hey guys,

    I’ve been reading the discussions & didn’t find anything about psych tests for summer employees. My question: do they ask you what medications you are on for any sort of mental health reasons? If someone is taking meds for low grad depression or bi-polar, would this be an issue for them if the person is perfectly ok on meds?!

    another question: is there a Bill W. meeting on the Ice?!!!

    I’m going to the job fair with the intention of snagging a job for Oct 04.

    thanks, marsha


    Marsh , I’m not sure about the Med thing. They will ask about everything on the physical.Sometimes they let people on regular meds go down and sometimes they don’t. There are people I know of that take high blood pressure meds with no problems and I know of another that takes thyroid meds. So be honest with them and let them decide.  There is no psych eval for the summer, just for the winter.So you ought to be ok on that end.


    I remember we had a guy bum-rushed out of South Pole station because he was found to have hepatitis.  Of course, there are qualified doctors who will make the decisions in this regard, considering contingencies such as the risk either that the person under medication may become incapicitated due either to the lack of it, or its ineffectiveness given an arduous environment; and the possible risk to other site personnel due the the infectuous nature of the individual’s condition.
    There’s always the famous question “how do you feel” as a part of the interview and qualification.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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