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    Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone that offered their sage wisdom and advice before the job fair in Denver.  It definately made me feel better prepared………The fair itself was good.  Not quite as crowded as I had expected; however they also mentioned that there were fewer posistions available this year due to the high number of returnees.  I made the rounds, applied for pretty much everything that was open.  Based on the follow-up interviews, I believe I’m being considered for two positions.  (That’s part of the reason I’ve waited so long to write.  I was hoping that I’d have had a job offer and then I could really thank you.  But, as I’ve read, that offer could come way down the road.)
    So here’s another question for you:  Let’s say I get one job offer and accept it.  Then, a few days (or a few weeks) later I get an offer for the second job.  Is it kosher to accept the second offer?  Should I tell the first offer that there’s a possibility that I might get a second offer?  Should I remove myself from consideration for the second job after accepting the first offer?  Will they automatically do that?  (I know this is a dream scenario and I’ll be lucky to get even one offer, but sometimes ya gotta dream!)
    Thanks again for all your help!!  With any luck I’ll be able to buy a round or two for you in October.
    Mike R.


    Mike,  you should be so lucky. Boy its and ethical question,  but I don’t think anyone would blame you for picking the best job. Best not to burn your bridges, though. Be as diplomatic as you can and for that matter ask the person who is hiring you what they would do.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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