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    So, lately, I’ve come to the realization that The Program is an indelible part of me…no matter what happens my experiences in the program can’t be taken away from me.

    After coming to that realization, I’ve also realized that I’ve become very curious, obsessed nearly, with the quirks of life on The Ice. The stories that are told and re-told at mealtimes are an ever-flowing spring of entertainment.

    Bill has been a big help….getting me the Art Bell/Richard Hoaglund(sp?) audio from Mr. Bell’s Coast to Coast radio show when they talk about the “Black Ops” in 2001….this is the pinnacle of Antarctic quirkiness and the stuff of legend. Bill’s sites are also solidly packed full of Ice History and are always a first stop for me when I’m curious about something…(stories about equipment exorcism are comedy gold BTW)

    Anyhow, the oddity – or quirk that has my interest today is the Henry Kaiser Artists and Writer’s grant proposal. Rumor has it that that particular proposal defines quirkiness. BT or Bill or Glenn or anyone…do you know if, perhaps, NSF makes these grant proposals public or if there may be any other record of this particular proposal or possibly contact info for Henry himself to see if he might be willing to share it.

    Thanks guys


    Henry is a regular at MCM. His music was never my style. I don’t know how to get the writers grant info.


    Yeah…and it’s quite possible I will eventually make it back to MCM and can talk to Henry face to face about it.

    Been There

    Shoot me a PM and I will pass on what I know.



    Also, contact Antz Powell at MCM. He’s wintering over, and actually did get a grant for photography one summer.

    Look-up his stuff on YouTube, under Antzarctica.


    Yes, the Antarctic program becomes indelible. You noticed.

    Henry Kaiser has lots of Antarctic stuff on his website, I searched through it a bit while researching the exorcism stuff last winter at Pole. I really never had much of a chance to meet/talk with any of these people at Pole since in the old days their visits were measured in hours, and in this century I wasn’t around during the artists/writers season. But I did get to spend some time with some of the ones at Palmer in the late 80s. One that comes to mind is Bob Reiss, he happened to be the journalist on station when Greenpeace showed up, and he got to go out and interview them. His immediate project was a magazine piece for New York magazine (or Cosmo?) which I have somewhere, but just looked and couldn’t find it. He also wrote Purgatory Road, a fiction work about Palmer which I do have, I think I’m in it.

    The grant proposals are highly competitive, sort of like bids for a contract :). My sister is a genetics professor and has applied for many of them (not ice related obviously) and the proposals aren’t made public for competitive reasons. I’ll defer to BT.


    Hmm, should have thought of that before. There is quite a bit on youtube about McMurdo and Antarctica, more than Flickr which seems to be mostly dominated by about 4 people and their photos.
    Waste Side Story is an interesting piece, though Bowl on the Run was the most fun.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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