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    Listen up Everyone…..unless policy changed the last time i was on the Ice
    you will NOT be able to vote from there and The National Science Foundation
    forbids anyone from posting anything like “Where to Vote Online”. So I
    highly recommend (especially if your voting for Kerry) calling your local
    County Auditor's office and request an “Absentee Ballot”, then get someone
    you trust to get your mail at the right time and fill out the ballot for
    you. Its the only way you can vote while your experiancing the “Wonders of
    The Ice”. All of you going down for the first time will have a great
    experiance…take in as much as you can and enjoy yourselves! One of these
    days I too will apply for a position down there again….so far it been two
    years and watch out…that place gets in your blood!




    To everyone deploying…..In my PQ packet, I received a form that said the Post Office will have postcards to mail for signing up for absentee voting. But I dont want to trust this, as this is a Presidential election year. Sign up for absentee voting before you leave home.
    Amy B.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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