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    What’s the story on McMurdo’s tiki bar?  What’s the atmosphere like?


    Well, its the best.
    I know the tiki somewhat, the most famous party never to exist. I also live beneath the lounge its held in so I have gone from the troll beneath the stairs to the leprechaun below the Tiki.
    Tiki is a social gathering on Monday nights when al other bars are closed, there are a few rooms around base where friends get together and ejoy a little tipple, we gather in the lounge and relax togeether in an athmosphere where you do not have to shout in order to be heard as in some bars, and where various activities are ongoing simultaniously, Jazz playing in the background, or maybe a little rock or sometimes classical also, chess playing in the centre section and TV viewing fore of all.
    Tiki is meant as a place for dorm residents to congregate and get to know each other better, our friends drop by on occasion and join in the revelry and merriment which we are all happy to share in, a social service to the community of sorts, we drink, we chat, sometimes we sing and we are always laughing, great people, great place, great life.
    Some people love it, some do not, sometimes its a party and others it becomes a quiet discussion forum for topics of the day between a wide range of people who live in Hotel Cal and our nearest and dearest neighbours, MMI, as well as friends from further afield.
    If you like to laugh, we have jokers, if you like to joke, we have laughers, if you like to play or debate, we have people here to engage you in many aspects and levels. If you like to watch the never setting sun of summer hovering above the horizon and lighting the world around us, with a Bailleys in your hand and a friend by your side, then this is the place. If you like other things, we can probably accomodate also, we are rather eclectic.
    Few are perfect for here, here is perfect for many.


    tiki bar,, well i dont know what in the world that guy was talking about? But i have been to many tiki nights at hotel cal, and its no diffrent from the bar scene, music, ton of guys, all trying to pick up the 3 girls that show up.  Drinking, drunks, its all happening there. Some nights a little more mellow , but never the less, its basically a typical Mcmurdo party.


    There was one where 3 women turned up? must have been on a boondoggle when that one happened.
    Oh well, you leave home for a day and all kinds of neighbours drop in.
    Tiki is not really like normal bars and parties though, its usualy a lot more close knit as most who come here have been here before and know the family feeling we have here.
    Tiki is unique in many ways, until you have had one, you have only rumours.
    Enjoy life and love, its all we can do for free.

    capn steve

    Tiki Bar might be ok for a relaxing night but you should of been there for the funeral for the “TIN MAN”. Was a night to remember. The whole base was there for that one and a few of the Kiwi’s.

    Cap’n Steve


    Hey Lucky,
      Where the hell are you? Prudhoe Bay?
      My favorite night at Tiki Bar was the one when the Irishman’s divorce became official-he showed up in tie & dress shirt. Quite a change for a fellow who walked thru condition 1 herbies during Winfly in a T-shirt.


    You got rocks in your head you fool. I used to wear a loing sleeve shirt for the Con 1’s.
    Sorry I have been remiss of late, my current employment and situational placement has had me in rather a accelerated state, add to this the loss of computational usage for the last 10 days and you can begin to gain an insight of what my time demands have been of late. My deepest regrets, the mere mention of the Tiki has again taken me back to those heady days of chess over a fine snifter of hand warmed brandy and port, my wistful words merely portray the manner and mode of converse held at such gatherings.
    I returned to NM for about 5 days, then went on a trip, I ended up in 2 interviews, one in Pheonix AZ and the other in Los Angeles CA. The former widhed to hire me as a plumber for 4 weeks and then as a foreman on various jobs in the Valley, great position and lots of hours as well as a resume booster, I was not ready to commit to a foreman job though as I hate leaving those posts after a few months to return ice side. The L.A. job was better, near the ocean and at sea level again, I accepted it and began last Monday, no extra responsibilities or pressures, I was handed the prints yesterday and told to run the copper crew, great, I ended up as lead plumber after 1 week, should have taken the AZ job.
    I have been in touch with R.P.S.C. abd they want me back in August, I am going back again, already told housing I want the room across from the lounge in Cal so that the troubles we had this year shall not happen again, I hate to be a damn hall monitor but if we need one then there are a few of us who shall rise to what is required to keep Cal the place we all love or hate.I remember the divorce celebration well, the same week as I went to the dry valleys and got the copy of the book my poem was published in, what a week of celabrations, even I had to dress a little for a week in which all these worthy accomplishments were forthcoming.
    Are you returning again this year J? hope to see you there and get into a few poetry slams with you and a few of the others one night in the coffee house or a lounge.
    Take care all and remain healthy and well.


    Nothing like a dorm monitor that dresses up for the occaision. What would McM be like without Lucky. Hey. See you at winfly


    Hello, all – Mike, Lucky, etc. –

    Hunter Slaton here. Just checking in on the board and it was great to “see” some familiar faces.

    Part of me wishes I could come back to the Ice, but Alas! I went and got my dumb self fired. Oh well.

    Sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye to all of y’all properly, but they told me I was canned at 9am and I had to be on a plane at 11am. That was a bummer.

    Anyway, I’m back in Little Rock, Arkansas right now – just cooling my heels until I head back to New York and my job as a travel guide editor on April 2nd. I’m psyched.

    Hope all of y’all are well. Say hello to MacTown for me, Mike.




    Thanks Mike, we Cal folk try to make the town look nicer.
    Hunter brother, glad to hear you are alright, sorry to see you go out the way you did, it hit us all a little hard to see you go. Give it a few years and apply again, I heard there were some who got back after the memories were on the back burner. I hope you are happy wherever you are and end up though.
    Take care and be well all.


    great to hear from you Hunter! I remember a year ago when we were burnin’ up this site trying to get jobs…& Lucky! you ARE lucky knowing you already have a job at winfly! I wont know for a month or so if I’m getting hired again..but I just KNOW I will…re tiki bar: I never went, but will go next time..I cleaned MMI & would drop over to Hotel Cal lounge & it was always just a hoot in the daytime..that superbowl party with the midrats galley folk was unforgettable…I don’t even drink, but had a blast at McM…later, Marsha


    Hunter, Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodby. Lucky is right. getting fired makes you a prime candidate for rehire maybe even a supervisory role. We’ll see you back before you know it. Glad to see you are already heading back in the travel direction. if anything you write gets posted on the net, be sure let us know so we follow you.


    Looks like I may not get to be back this year. My ex has made it clear in the past that she will ruin my life however she can, she has brought several nusiance suits against me and has been heard in public to say that she wants me in jail, I know that if I were to go again in August that she would bring another frivolous suit which I would not be able to appear at and this would lead to a bench warrant for my arrest being issued, so I fear that my days on the Ice are numbered.
    I am sorry if this upsets any friends but I just wished you all to know why I may not be appearing in a bar near you this fall.
    I shall complete the PQ on the off chance that I may be able to negotiate a peace accord of some sort, but I am near certain that I shall not make this years festivities or any other years thereafter. I am settled in my new job and believe another increase in responsibilities os upcoming soon and a career if wanted lies here, I believe I shall travel more though and make use of shutdowns and such.
    To any I shall again meet, I look forward to that day in earnest, to those I shall never again see, or those new people I shall not have the pleasure of meeting, I wish you all a fond adieu and wish you all the vry best that life has to offer and may your ice days be the ones most memorable in your lives.


    Oh no, Lucky
    We’ll hope for the settlement. In the meantime are you settling down in southern Cal. We drop in and say hi when we get out if you are.


    Thanks Mike, I am in Southern Cali, abuot 20 miles from LAX so I can still drop by and see them off a little if I can’t go myself.
    Cal is good, not nearly anything like Hotel Cal though but who knows, might get things squared away but if not I know where to catch up on whats going on down there.
    All the best of luck to newbies and best wishes to all my friends.

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