Time Lapse Video with audio– 1 year Mac Town/Scott Base

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    Sun Dog
    Baghdad Jim

    all I can say is..wow. now THAT deserves a grant!

    Where could I get my hands on a hi-res version of that?


    Jim, welcome to your everyday average winter storm. That one was a little different in that it went on for a day and dumped a lot of snow. It was an almost pleasant storm with rather warm temps. If I remember it went up to around zero that day. Warm air holds more moisture, hence the large amount of snow.
    The other big thing about that one was it hit during the day. It went to condition one and they had to send SAR out to the outlying buildings to escort us home. We had about ten people holed up in my building and we roped ourselves up for the 200 yard trip to town. Visibility was so low, the people at the back couldn’t see the the people at the front of the rope.

    I spent some time with sonartech, I enjoyed his company. I’m glad he posted his movie.

    Baghdad Jim

    Mike, after seeing the time-lapse year and then the storm…I went on a youtube expedition looking for antarctic movies…(not to mention those insane ones the pole did).

    Ya know, I can honestly say I had never given one whit about Antarctica until the day that Monster.com accidentially sent me a Raytheon notice for a position as a hairdresser in the ice.

    A Hairdresser. On Antarctica. I thought it was an April Fools joke that got screwey cause of the datline difference–it arrived on March 31.

    Now I find myself absorbed by videos of the place and anticipating getting a contract for summer-winter 2007.


    We are all rooting for you, Jim. By the way, my apologies to the Kiwis reading this. J im, Rooting has a different meaning there. Almost funny in this context


    Hairdresser? What all DID you put in your Monster.com resume? Seriously, they do have them on the ice, not that I ever ran into any 🙂

    Those Pole videos are neat. The Blur just put another one up.


    But then you know where my sense of humor got warped.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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