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    Hello again…hope you all don’t mind me picking at your brains. I was wondering if anyone can give me any tips on getting hired. I have already started on getting dental taken care of. If I were to go to the job fairs, what can I expect?? What is the hiring process?? Little things like that. Anything anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated. To all of you wintering over down there, hope you are staying warm…Pat 😀


    @Pat wrote:

    … If I were to go to the job fairs, what can I expect??

    Tables with harried managers representing the different departments. Lots of applicants wandering from table to table, dropping off resumes and trying to “network”. Also some old Ice people, who seem to know everybody already. For new applicants it can be discouraging: so much competition, and it’s so difficult to stand out in the crowd. But don’t let that stop you, be persistent and confident.

    What is the hiring process??

    Pandemonium punctuated by chaos? Just a little joke there. I think.

    1. Drop off and/or send in resume, application.
    2. Occasionally pester hiring managers, if you have a contact.
    3. Believe that nothing is ever going to happen.
    4. Phone interview happens.
    5. Limbo.
    6. Limbo continues.
    7. Offer letter appears.
    8. Offer letter is signed and returned. If not acceptable go back to step 2.
    9. Limbo reappears and drinks all your beer.
    10. PQ and hiring package arrives. Panic ensues.
    11. Medical, dental, and a stack of forms are completed and submitted.
    12. Limbo moves in and makes itself at home.
    13. Some small nit-like PQ or passport issue arises, and panic returns.
    14. PQ’d. Champagne corks pop.
    15. Limbo moves out, disgruntled. Panic takes up residence.
    16. All belongings go into storage, dog goes to the parents’ house, well-wishers and last-minute details swamp you.
    17. Tickets arrive via FedEx the very morning of departure.
    18. Panic finally departs, as do you.

    Are you sure you want to do this? 😀


    Is that all there is to it?? Sounds like a piece of cake..(don’t I wish)

    Difficult to stand out in the crowd you say…Perhaps I could wear something unique..Like maybe a purple dress with bright pink polka dots, and maybe a clowns wig or something..They would surely remember that.. 😆

    Limbo can have all the beer it wants…but it better stay away from my Whalers Coconut Rum….

    Anyway..I am used to sitting in it all the time at work..patiently waiting for the phone to ring, so that I can talk to a hysterical person, who is just going to cuss me out cause I don’t know their problem…

    Can’t wait till the job fairs start next year, as that is when I will start applying…



    Pay, You might as well apply for this year by email. There’s no harm and who knows you might get a call. There are lots of people who get hired without going to the job fair. It’s especially true if you have a skill, but not always. Mostly all the job fair does is get you a chance to talk one on one with someone who hires. You may also get an ok to keep in touch along with a business card or email address.
    Without it you still have a chance, you are just buried a layer down in the masses. Submit an application and see what happens. Then the process is
    limbo limbo limbo then go to step number 2.
    mike in mcmurdo

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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