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    Hey Velvet and anyone else still on the ice.
    You must be pretty much into the extended season. I was wondering how things are going. I’ve tried downloading the Modis Sat photo each day, but the best I can tell is that you’ve been clouded in almost the entire season so far. Let us know how things are going.

    Big V

    hi Mike
    Extended season is like staying on from Winfly to Mainbody–a neat time to be here but also seems to drag on forever.  it is nice getting a little taste of winter though, it’s the same amount of people that used to winter when we did (before staff cuts).  Ron and I are very anxious to get out of here, it’s still 4 more weeks but the time seems to be speeding up a little.   it’s getting darker each day and this week i’ve been having some sleeping problems with i’m attributing to that, not too bad but different than my regular sleep.  Retro is going well, our project is coming along quickly and it’s a good spot to work.  The new floor project in the Galley has made it an adventure getting meals, lots of different configurations and plastic sheeting hung up.  We did get wireless internet in our rooms, but it actually doesn’t work that great so mostly i stick with dial-up.  I think it works better for some than others.
    hi to Lorie–hope you’re having fun at home, working on the house, i can’t wait to do the same!


    Wow 4 weeks to go. How time flys, I’ve already been off the ice for a month now. Moving into the house and settling down is proving tougher than we thought it would. After living for years with all our stuff in storage, we’ve become used to not having much.  After the moving company moved our two storage spaces from So Cal to here, we are now looking like a disaster scene. Boxes everywhere with no place to put them. I’d like to throw some away, but most is boxes of Antarctic Souvenier stuff.
    I’m trying to build a shed in the backyard. That should save us a little space, but we are still in the rainy season for another month and I’m only getting an afternoon a week to work on it.
    Good luck with your travels. Say hi to Ron.
    OOO 4 weeks?  Time to start packing.


    > most is boxes of Antarctic Souvenir stuff.

    Wow, I know that feeling. If I ever buy another Antarctic T-shirt just slap me.




    There’s T shirts,Scott base shirts,  Sweat shirts, Long sleeve shirts, dress shirts, big coffee mugs,small coffee cups, beer glasses, nalgene bottles, vest fleeces, long sleeve fleeces, scott base fleeces, jackets, coats, hats, earmuffs, scarfs and the list goes on and on. And that doesn’t even touch the really nice LL Bean Skua items.


    Well… don’t SLAP me… but perhaps a gentle tackle?
    lol.. I am the proud owner of almost one of every design they sold! (Well, I do have – but would NOT have purchased the funky nutmeg/orangie chili cook-off shirt that was given away.)
    And to catch up on the insurance… I went with the Cobra plan sent out by the Denver office. Did the web sign up… through Ceridian (?) They were very quick to send out the billing portion. But still no details of what and where to turn should I need to make a claim. No little cute card for my wallet.


    Mike and Glenn,
    You short timers cannot have that many T-shirts….I had to rent a 20 X30 storeage unit  
    Been There


    Lorie used to run the store and for a while helped pick and design the logo items. As a result we started buying a sample of each. Every year different designs, different stuff. Year after year after year.
    Still as Been There says, I have only 10 years in the program to collect stuff. Mine fit into one and half 5 x 10 foot sheds.
    I found the Cobra weird too.


    So Glenn

    They’ve got a really nice green ball cap with Palmer Station, and a skua on it this year, you want me grab you one 😉

    29 days and a wake up to go. (Then of course the 5 day boat ride north).



    No hat, thanks. But I will take a live skua. Be sure to put a few holes in the box and some food (I hear they like hot dogs) just in case the cargo system takes a lot of time. They make such nice pets…


     I did not hear that!  (Hands over ears) La……la…laaaa
    I may, OR MAY NOT have accidently dropped an apple core in a skua’s presence once.  It looked at it – then at me, back at the core, then glared at me.  I now wear ‘skua netting’ when I go out!   Really nice pets……..

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