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    There was some debate in another thread about travel funds….  Here’s the word I got from my boss (Full Time Denver Employee):
    Rumor Control:[/font:5zarvti4]

    There a rumor going around right now that contract employees will have pay for everything out of pocket and submit a expense report with actuals for reimbursement.  This is true for[/font:5zarvti4] full time[/font:5zarvti4] employees only.   Contract employees will receive a travel fund to pay expenses occurred during deployment just like always.  If you are contract employee coming to Denver for training (propane handling training or supervisor training) you will have to submit a expense report for meals and incidentals for the training days only.  Either way your Denver Hotel will be a direct bill.  Next week’s staff message will have details regarding orientation and the amount of travel funds you will receive.[/font:5zarvti4]


    Yo, Z —
    Just got the official word from Finance.  Everything is status quo.
    Thank goodness!
    See you soon!


    I got it too. The reinbursment is just for full time employees. We get the travel fund as always.


    Funny thing is, full-timers have always had to pay out-of-pocket, then file an expense report.  Nothing really new that I can see.
    Good to know rumors go around the Denver office just as quickly as they do around McMurdo.


    More fuel on the rumor-mill fire…
    On the 29th, my boss told me she’d heard from her finance person that her contract people would be doing the reimbursement thing. Would this vary by department?

    In all, I’m planning on showing up and finding out when I get there.



    I should find out for sure in a month. Just completing my PQ. Mostly ok but had to have 2 teeth pulled. That makes a total of 3 for the program now.


    ‘Giving your all’ for the program, Mike?

    First it was teeth. Next it’ll be the gallbladder and fingernails.

    They took my sanity the first season. I haven’t seen any since. :-]



    Sorry to hear about the teeth 🙁

    I was a bit worried about my PQ process last year, since I’m not as young as I used to be, plus I wondered about my sanity for wanting to winter again.

    But it turned out the dental was the hardest part. The review of my X-rays in Denver resulted in 2 crown replacements. Then after I got to Pole we had to undergo the “quick 10-minute checkup” that for me resulted in a pulled tooth and a bunch of fillings (it almost got me sent home). I wasn’t the only person at Pole who had serious dental PQ difficulties after arrival, one person actually was sent home.

    Hindsight is that the dentist I’d been seeing obviously missed some stuff that could have caused serious problems during the winter. The lesson learned here is…don’t put off or underestimate the dental portion of the PQ process.


    Well that’s 3 teeth now for the program. So far they’ve let me keep my fingers and toes. Part of me hates the dental part, but on the other hand i’ve seen first hand what it’s like to have a serious dental problem and not be able to get off the ice. Years ago I had a toothache. There must be something about the proximity of your teeth to your brain. The pain starts as a discomfort and soon spreads to every fiber of your body. The only hard part is that they took a top molar on each side, so I can’t really chew and grind food. The dentist says I have to wait 3 months for the swelling to go down and all the healing to take place before I can get fitted for a plate.
    For the most part I can eat everything except lettuce and carrots, which since I’m heading to McMurdo, shouldn’t be a great problem.


    Hi Mike,
      Where are you?????  Where did you have your teeth removed??? 
    Your Friendly Dental Assistant

    [font=comic sans ms:a1tjogw3]  Susan M. DeSoto[/font:a1tjogw3]

    Talk is cheap. Use Yahoo! Messenger to make PC-to-Phone calls. Great rates starting at 1¢/min.


    Hey Susan
    Finally arrived in southern cal. It’s 104 degrees inside the house. I’m dying. All I can do is lie on the couch in front of the fan with a wet cloth on my face. Yesterday was the second hottest day of the summer.
    Got the teeth removed at St Albans dentistry in Cheech. They are probably just about the nicest dental group I’ve ever been to. I’ll probably go back to them for the plate, but he said I need to wait 3 months for the swelling to go down and everything to settle into place.
    Most everything else was in line so I’m not expecting any PQ problems at this point. Winfly doing you guys well? Nacreous clouds?
    See you in a few weeks

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