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    So this past year was sort of a pass for me, didn’t know quite what to do at what time, though I at least tried to send something in on what I saw.
    Please let us know if anything close to the March 3rd dump of open open positions at midnight is coming this time around.


    I finally got around to updating and publicly sharing my page about how to locate and apply for Antarctic jobs. Much of the information came from or references to this message board, but you never know. I’ll try and keep the various search links and instructions updated as the hiring season progresses.


    I’ve contacted you before and am still waiting to hear back from Gana-A’Yoo. And thanks for all your advice.
    Question: I have been a Commercial Tour Bus driver nationwide since 1985. Currently in and around Yosemite National Park. Who do I contact regarding driving the Terra Bus. And how sought after is that job?




    You’d drive a lot of different shuttles, not just the Terra Bus. My guess is that’s it’s probably very competitive, although that shouldn’t stop you from applying.

    This is probably the job you’re thinking of:


    Ditto Bob
    The terrabus is just one of many passenger vehicles on the ice, with new ones being added each year. If you get hired plan on being a multivehicle driver. There are also shuttle van drives who drive a taxi service around town. You could end up in one of those as well.


    Thanks for the Terra Bus information, as well as letting me know about the taxis and shuttles. It doesn’t matter what I drive, just let me be part of the experience.


    Question: Anybody seen Yosemitebob? Answer: Last I saw of him he was driving North. Ha!


    Hello all,

    I put in with PAE back in the late Spring (1st time to apply) and I have been in the “Under Review” status for many weeks with no contact or inquiries from the company. Is it safe to assume that by now the primary positions will have been filled? I seem to recall that they work to have people identified for each position within 8 weeks of deployment.

    Thanks, JP


    Looking for Antarctic employment. Any. Professional skills: geophys degree and experienced seismic data processing; comptroller financial data and bookkeeping; years of overseas postings so able to be away for long periods of time.

    Walterjayg (personal email if desired)

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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