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    So I have been do my fair share of research because I’m planning on doing everything with in my power to get down to the ice some time in the near future. Can some one please explain to me what is going on with the USAP support contract. I found this on the USAP website. I have been focusing on figuring out who I would be contacting thru Raytheon, but after reading the following,

    Milestones for the USAP Competition
    Seek NSB approval for release of Request for Proposal (RFP) and award of a Support Contract for the United States Antarctic Program March 2008

    Sources Sought Synopsis posted to FedBizOpps April 30, 2008

    Sources Sought Synopsis Responses due May 15, 2008

    Release draft RFP June 18, 2008

    Draft RFP Comment Period Ends July 18, 2008

    Pre-solicitation Conference August 26, 27, 28, 2008

    Release final RFP October 10, 2008

    Conduct Site Visits in Antarctica October-December 2008

    Proposal Receipt February 2009

    Evaluations and Negotiations March-August 2009

    Contract Award October 1, 2009

    Transition October 2009-March 2010

    I’m making the assumption that raytheon is losing the contract. Does anyone know who is getting the new contract? Thanks for the help. This board has helped me a lot so far hoping for some more info again, Jake


    > Does anyone know who is getting the new contract?

    According to that info you found, we won’t know until October of next year. Until then, apply to RPSC.

    I won’t speculate on whether Raytheon will win the contract. IMO, for worker-bees like you and I it really doesn’t matter. “Here’s the new boss, just like the old boss.” I wish a progressive company would take over and make some aggressive, positive changes, but that hasn’t been my experience. The only thing that really changes is where you send your resume.


    You know right after I posted that I realized that it was a pointless question. Maybe even a bit stupid on my part. Not only because it doesn’t really matter to me who I’m working for, but I plan on trying to winter and recruitment for that is in march of 2009 anyway.

    Just out of curiosity does any one know who is getting the contract? I Can’t imagine there are a lot of companies that can fill the needs of the USAP on the ice.


    There’s about a dozen companies that will be bidding.  They’re scheduled to visit MCM this summer.  None have shown-up just yet.
    It’s a crap shoot.


    Crap shoot?  How can you say that?  You know NSF will select the most highly qualified bidder…..just like they did the last time.
    Actually I think the number to groups bidding is closer to half-dozen, but how would I know.


    When are bidders allowed to visit?  All I heard was this year, but nothing further.
    Are we going to see you again anytime soon?
    We miss your mug around here. I think there is still one of those black and white photos on the wall that have you in it.


    Bidders arrive a week from Monday I think.  Can not make it on the KK this year but maybe next year one way or another.  Hope you are having a good summer.


    I wonder what the chances are of Raytheon getting the contract again? As a person that hasn’t been to the ice YET I get the feeling that not to many of you guys like raytheon a whole lot.

    To be honest I don’t think another company is going to be any better. Its all big business and with that come big business politics.


    I’ll go on record as saying that for the most part I like Raytheon better than the last contractor. My feeling with the other one was that MCM was a magnet for people who did not fit into the business world back home.
    The upper management was full of “kingly” types who ruled their empires as they saw fit. Don’t make them mad or you were out.
    Under the present contractor, we have more of the rules and regulations you might expect anywhere. Everyone has HR  and safety standards that they much adhere to.
    There are rules and regulations. It’s still big business, but it’s also fair.

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