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    I’m going to be working as a fuels GA at McMurdo and have been instructed to find some insulated work type boots, but am not sure exactly what to look for. My contact at Raytheon suggested to get something with roughly 1kg of thinsulate or equivalent, which seems to be about the most insulation anyone puts in boots anyhow. Are we talking about this kind of boot? http://www.zappos.com/n/p/p/119818.html? Kind of looks like overkill for working through the summer at McMurdo to me, but I’ve never been and am just guessing. Any recommendations? I’m in the southeast US right now, and will be until a few days before leaving, so I’m going to be stuck getting boots through the net most likely and would like to get them ordered soon in case sizing is off on the first try. Thanks!



    First, when are you deploying? I’m on first flight MainBody scheduled to leave Christchurch, weather pending, Oct 3rd for McM….which means I really fly from NM to Denver orientation no later than Sept 27th…..so knowing these dates as the soonest you will leave, you have a shopping window.

    I work on the flightline as an AGE mechanic at the various airfields, Ice Runway, Williams Field Skiway and Pedasus white ice runway on the Ross Ice Shelf and work around fuelies all season.

    Your observation is correct about overkill…partially. I use 600gm and 1000gm thinsulate LaCrosse boots. Mine are safety toe as required on our crew by the airfield manager. Do you need safety toes? If so, get NON-METALIC…steel toes can get cold!

    The 1000gm are just fine for the first part of the season, but way too hot from December to February, so I use the 600gm boots then, and they are even hot somtimes. Eash person has a different foot temp comfort and you might find 800gm just right for your job. Be careful about getting boots that are too warm as your feet will sweat and wet feet get cold. Always have extra dry issue wool socks in your day bag/pack.

    My suggestion is to take a pair of issue bunny boots for the coldest part of the season (you will have to have a pair to fly down on the C-17 anyway)and use a 600gm boot the rest of the season.

    I get boots that are wide so I have room to put an FDX (Herman Munster canvas and leather ECW boots) felt insole in my boots. Most of the cold comes from standing on ice or snow and comes from the bottom of the boot.

    Get leather uppers! As a fuelie, you may spill JP-8 or mogas on your feet…remember that the fuel is the same temp as the outside temp, just liquid and will penetrate most fabric boot uppers and FREEZE your feet…no joke!

    Also, you will be leaving your boots, gloves and Carharts in the hall of your dorm some nights so you don’t stink out your roommate….JP-8 smell gets old fast, especilly in a dorm room!

    Good luck and see you soon!


    While most of us will experience the warmth of the McMurdo summer, you as a fuelie will possibly be spending a lot of time at the airfield standing on ice. Your feet are going to get very cold if you don’t have warm boots. The issue bunny boots are warm but uncomfortable to work in. The FDX boots are warm and comfortable, but have no support so it’s difficult to walk very far. As Dave said they are like Herman Munster boots. Heavy and awkward. Still I don’t have to walk far in my job so they are my boots of choice.
    Your dept has a lot of experience on how to keep warm. Listen to their advice and follow it the first year. After that adjust up or down.


    Remember to get plenty of medicated foot powder to take with you, like Desenx or some other powerful athlete foot fungus killer.

    Bunny boots DO NOT breathe and they act as a petre dish for foot fungus. I’ve had the dubious distinktion of rooming with a victim of serious bunny boot FOOTROT…and the smells gagged me so badly that housing actually did a sympathy/health room transfer for me…the person with the bad hygene does not work with the program anymore!


    Thanks for the info guys! Think I’ve got a much better picture of what to look for now, off to go shopping tomorrow. See you on the ice!

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