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    Hi. I came across polar.org a while ago and am seriously interested in working in Antarctica for this next summer season. I noticed that there are numerous types of jobs to apply for but the fact is that I’m only a senior in college with a degree in graphic design. Do you really think that I have any business heading to such crazy climates for four months? I’d love to be a part of such an amazing way of life, but I worry that I’d be out of place. Any suggestions or comments would be REALLY appreciated. Thanks a bunch.


    Best intro job on the ice is GA – but competitive and you need to be flexible never knowing where you’ll be or what you’ll be doing…but it ranges the entire gamut – and you get to see many aspects of the operations…

    good luck! and a sense of humor and dedication to hard work (10 hours/day 6 days/week) is your best qualification


    Apply for everything you think you might like. Not a lot of graphic arts stuff, but plenty of computer and IT jobs. As I’ve said many times if at all possible go to the Denver Job Fair. It’s the only way to get a head start of the thousands of people who send in applications.


    Part two
    Nobody in Mcmurdo is out of place. It attracts people from all walks of life and all ages. Plenty go for the experience, but be forewarned that you are being hired to work and that will be expected of you. Most work six days a week 10 hours a day including an hour for lunch.
    It doesn’t sound like there is much time left over for fun, but there is. You work in the same place you live so the minute you are off work you get to do your own things. In the summer it’s especially nice because the 24 hour daylight means you have hours of available time before going to bed.
    Explore the base, Climb Ob hill, walk to hut point.
    Climb castle rock. Walk to Scott base (or take the shuttle)
    Ski out to the airfields. etc etc etc.
    Work hard, play hard.


    having graduated with a degree in graphic design in 2002, i wondered the same question. it didn’t stop me though as i just got back from my first summer season at the south pole.
    mostly i would suggest being willing to accept the fact that there are not any design-related jobs and start digging through your previous work experience for other possible positions.
    if you’ve experience (and can prove it) with physical labor and/or trade skills try for the GA (general assistant) positions or for any trade jobs you might qualify for. If you’ve previous experience in food service, consider those positions. Go for anything other than a DA (dining attendent) first though, lest you want to spend 60 hours a week washing dishes. granted, that’s what i did – antarctica exists as one of the few places where you’ll find dishwashers with bachelors and masters degrees. i would also second the recommendation to look into IT work if you have enough history with computers to qualify for a position there.
    it took me two years of applying and “harassing” people at the job fair, but it worked. once you’ve made it, you end up with plenty of new opportunities as well.
    again, if you can make it to any job fair offered, but particularly the denver one, you have a hand up on most folk.
    best of luck,


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