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    So I got an e-mail this morning from Amanda S. (the Janitorial Supervisor), saying she’d reviewed my application and wanted to send me on to the next step in the hiring process – filling out a “Hire Right” application.

    First of all … Squee!!

    Secondly, what does this mean? I’m assuming this isn’t a job offer, but just sort of a second round of the application process. People who’ve gone through it before – what can I expect to happen from here? What do I need to do next (besides fill out the application obviously) and how likely is it that I will be offered a Janitor job?

    Oh man, I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much, but I’m really excited. Thanks for all your help. 🙂


    Well, first of all, don’t believe a thing Amanda tells youe, she lies for the government on a contractual basis and finds it hard to change for the few months working on Ice, next you fill out all the hireright stuff in triplicate and send in some D.N.A. samples along with pics of you in funny costumes (halloween is very important) and then sit back and await the arrival of your P.Q. kit, get your medical done and sent in and then wait for the final role call of winners and waiters.
    Getting to the hireright stage is more than some get and so congratulations, relax and enjoy the next few weeks as its gonna get busy with papers flying back and forth, make sure to keep a copy of everything you send them as they are a big company and sometimes things get lost, its easier to open a file folder and resend the papers rather than trying to get them filled again.
    Most important? when you are ready and able to head down, ask people what to bring, there are rechargeable batteries there and plenty of clothes in Skua so you do not need 75 LBs of gear and such, you can ship things down ahead so no need to worry about your favourite scents, they may take a few weeks though. Last thing we need is another heap of extra clothing which shall never be taken away and end up adding to Skua piles.
    I swear this to be true to the best of my hazy recollection, all apart from Amanda, we loves ya gal.


    Lucky’s a bit tongue in cheek, there. I thought he was serious at first. Hirerite is the next step for anyone who is being considered for employment. They are the ones who do the background checks. Most will fly through that part. The background checks are looking for people with either a drinking or drug problem, or who have a record of violence. Chances are if you’ve just been let of prison for drunken bar fights, you would not be looked at very seriously. Once through the background checks you will be on a shortlist of applicants. The winners get a contract, either full or as an alternate. Once the contract is signed they send the medical and dental packet. Get that part done as quickly as possible. If your doctor can’t get you in within two months, find another doctor. Many people initially flunk the medical exam. Mostly for blood chemistry being out of whack. You will be asked to take a retest if you flunk. If you waited too long on the initial exam, you won’t have time to take a retest. Thats why it’s imperitive that you get the medical out of the way fast. Dental as well. Lot’s of people need extra stuff. Teeth pulled or drilled. deep cleanings. I’ve never heard of anyone failing the dental. But the same thing as medical. If you need a wisdom tooth pulled, you get it pulled and down you come. If you only have two weeks left, you won’t be coming down.
    For those of you who don’t get the Hirerite call right away, don’t give up. Keep in touch. Almost certainly someone somewhere is going to back out at the last minute. You have a chance all the way until October.


    Mike is right about not getting discouraged about not hearing from Raytheon right away. I went to the hiring fair last year & got my first call in mid-May, then didnt hear from them again until June 29th, which is when they offered me the job. Then I did Hireright. They seem to call a bunch of folks right after the fair, then plod along hiring others thru the summer. I had a mechanic friend who was called and offered a job THREE days before he deployed. I was told I did a great job last season & still have not been called with a contract. By end of next week I’ll start bugging them! -marsha


    Thanks for the advice guys. That’s all really encouraging, so I’ll try to keep my hopes up even if I don’t hear something immediately. 🙂

    Any advice on how to get through the interview process? What makes a person more desirable/employable/generally awesome than other people on the short list?

    I’ll keep you all updated about how things go. And I should probably also find myself a dentist…


      Did Eric get to winterover? And Mike, you mean if the background check doesn’t find a drinking problem you can’t come?


    Jeff, didn’t you know that RPSC do their first round of hiring through AA meetings?
    Hope things are going well for you Rocky.


    hey, good to hear from you!! Eric did not winterover but I think is coming back next season. Are you planning on going back?! dumb question eh ;-). I anxiously want to go back to my old job (in housing!), and am awaiting the call…..
    I’m about to write you off list.

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