What to do in Christchurch

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    Ok everyone, there is a new batch of FNGies coming down with no clue of the things to do on their day or days in Cheech. What are your favorites?
    Mine is the Coffee House. Its a small breakfast cafe across from Dux Deluxe that has the best eggs benedict and coffee made from beans roasted on the premise.


    Also if you stay at the Y and are in one of the upper rooms that front on Hereford st. You can pick up the free wireless from the Art Center across the street.


    Since you mentioned the Art Center, anyone that is in town over the weekend should take time to visit the Art Center.  They have a craft fair every weekend and it’s a great place to shop for gifts…..check it out on the way south so you can spend some of your hard earned money on the way home.  And enjoy a beverage at the Dux Delux and a stroll in the gardens.  


    Thanks for the info…. I signed up to be at the Thomas’s Hotel on Hereford  – and will have to try that little breakfast cafe.  The Dux Deluxe is supposed to be ‘close’. I will wait and see!
    Oh… will be ON THE ICE the 11th…
    And so excited – I can barely stand it!


    Thomas’s is good place. You are right across the street from the Art Center. As Been There said, if you are there on a Saturday or Sunday, they have a real nice street fair. There is also a really nice little movie theater that shows artsy movies. To get to the Coffee House walk out the door at Thomas’s turn right and go to the corner. Turn left and a half block down on the other side of the street is the restaurant.
    If you like to walk. Try the gardens. Walking out of Thomas’s. turn left and go to the end of the street. The gardens are in front of you. Always a nice thing on a sunny day.
    A bus trip to Sumner is nice. Walk the trail from Godley head to Taylors Mistake. In october the comerants are usually building nests in the cliffs. If you Geocache with a gps. Go to http://www.geocaching.com  and find the multicaches in the hills there.
    A transportation tip is to go to the bus station on Cashel street and buy the bus pass. The card is free and you charge it up with however much money you want. Each time you go to the CDC the cost is 7 dollars without the card and less than one dollar with the card. It’s good from year to year as well.


    Try the Bog Irish Bar if you like Celtic music or just plain fun. The botanical gardens are awesome but even more intense on your way back off the Ice….

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    > Thanks for the info…. I signed up to be at the Thomas’s Hotel on Hereford – and will have to try that little breakfast cafe. The Dux Deluxe is supposed to be ‘close’. I will wait and see! Oh… will be ON THE ICE the 11th… And so excited – I can barely stand it! Jo

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    Wow, what to do in Chch… I could go on forever. Wish I was there!

    Other than jam nights at The Bog, my favorite bar in town is Mickey Finn’s on Hereford (parallel to pedestrian mall, one block over.) Gorgeous woodwork, beautiful place overall, & usually good live bands each night. (for women who may not be comfortable or accustomed to heading out alone, this is one of the places I’d recommend. In addition to the typical friendly crowd of Kiwis, there’s lots of well-organized, visible security.) http://www.mickyfinns.co.nz/

    The Loaded Hog & Grumpy Mole are further down Cashel with a cool dance place across the street.

    Gotta stop in Dux de Luxe for dinner & a few drinks on the back patio, too. Try some of their unique brews, too – ginger tom is my personal favorite.

    Before I make myself sound like a complete lush, I agree with the suggestion of hitting the arts centre market on weekends. Grab some tasty cheese from the cheesemonger, fresh bread from the irish baker, and head to sit by the river & enjoy the botanical gardens. Trust me, you’ll want the last memories of green vegetation!

    Also check out cathedral square – especially the weekend open air market.

    For a dinner splurge if you like Greek, check out Santorini on Gloucester St at Cambridge Tce. Tasty food, more drinks & fun entertainment with dancing through the place to the live musicians. Best on weekend nights, but you’ll need a reservation at busy times. http://www.santorini.co.nz/

    And, random tip of the day: don’t change money at the few “exchange booths” located around the CBD – the banks in the square will do it for free and at a better rate.

    Have fun! That’s my favorite city in NZ. 🙂


    PS: Chch has lots of great thrift stores where you can buy a windbreaker to walk around town, or start working on your Halloween costume very cheaply.

    My favorite is far down Colombo St. toward the Sydenham section of town. Nice little walk from South City Centre, which is a little shopping mall with a Wal-Mart type store (The Warehouse) and a big grocery store to pick up forgotten items. Also, it’s nice to check out the stationary store and grab some unique (to Americans) cards for birthdays & other occasions while you’re away.

    For the thrift shop, head south on Colombo – just over the bridge you’ll pass a cool import store with some neat room decorations. Keep walking past Blockbuster, it’ll be a way down on the left past a few bakeries & a bunch of little shops. There’s also another chain thrift store 1/2 block up a side street you’ll pass on the right, but they’re more expensive – on Columbo everything is $2. Also a great place to stop & pick up some cheap “going out” or hiking clothes when you leave the ice!

    There are several thrift shops north of the square, too – ask around if you’re interested.

    While you’re doing all that walking, don’t forget to stop into a bakery for a tasty pie! 🙂

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