Why did she do it? For the Science of course?!

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    Sun Dog

    😯 V’s Polar Plunge, Antarctica
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    Added August 06, 2006 to youtube



    Hee hee! What a lot of fun. Been there, done that… naked, froze various body parts off. :mrgreen:

    We do it here without a rope…


    I could post my 300 club pic, but no one wants to see that.

    I’d love to do that, looks like fun. I was just talking to a guy here who jumped off the icebreaker while it was docked at palmer, that sounds like fun.


    Brrr! Glenn, somehow your leap strikes me as something even rougher than the 300 club! I don’t know when folks started doing that, certainly it was after my days at Palmer.


    I helped with the filming of Velvet’s and ended up filming everyone. I’m just finishing up all the individual dvds.
    Glenn, don’t they have leopard seals there?. I remember a Brit last year getting dragged under by one.


    Hi Mike, Yeah there’s leopard seals. We’ve had to cancel at least one jump because a seal was seen in the area. It just adds a bit of extra spice!

    That’s not me in the picture above (I was taking the pictures this time around). I think this [tradition?] of jumping off the pier everytime the ship leaves origininated with a previous science tech. I only do it once or twice each winter, usually on the solstice. Now if I had a dry suit and scuba gear…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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