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    Heading to Denver today for my PSYCH test which will complete my PQ process for winter. I have done three Winfly-Summer seasons but this is my first Winter try. Any tidbits on making it easier please let me know. I will be working in the Plumb Shop. Hope everyone had a good holiday season although I have heard there has not been a C-17 flight for about 6 weeks coming into the station which means mail and other cargo must really be backed up. If all goes well with my test I have been given two ice dates. One departing here on the 7th to be on ice on the 11th and the other departing on the 15th to be on ice the 20th. Looking forward to experiencing the dark vs the constant light



    Hi Tim,

    Congrats on your 4th trip to Antarctica! Best of luck on your winter over!



    Little goodies go a long way in the winter. I used to like to bring bubble liquid. It was always so cool on a windless 40 below zero day to blow bubbles and watch them freeze.
    The Mid winter dinner and the 4th of july party are nice events. Send down a dressy outfit. One of the station managers one year commented that he had no idea there were so many slinky black dresses in McM. You will enjoy the change and dressing up.
    Food items that you can share are nice. If you know how to make sushi, or greek food, or anything that would be delicious and home made, you can do it at hut 10 and invite all your friends over for a dinner out. It’s a great change from the galley. There are some wonderful cooks in this world.
    Finally anything at all that you liked in the summer, you will like even more in the winter.

    I did make the mistake of thinking I would be bored and sent down all the things in life i wanted to do and never had time. Well, 13 years later, some of that stuff is probably still sitting in box someplace in B342. In other words keep it real. You won’t have much more time on your hands than in the summer.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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