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    Big V

    Hi All
    I’m very excited that I’ll be going to work in Antarctica this October!  I’m wondering if anyone knows what my chances are of staying longer than my original contract dates of October through February–I’m hoping to possibly get the chance to winter-over too.  Any tips, advice, etc.? 


    Big V
    There is a fair chance that you might be able to winter. Get started as soon as you get here networking with possible depts. The summer crew can be over 1000 people, the winter crew is generally 200 or less. That means a fair amount of competition for first timers. The PQ process is a little more severe as well which sometimes leaves last minute openings. This year they had a guy drop out the day of the last flight and they let one of the persons on the flight stay. We had to go out to the airfield and find her luggage which was about to be loaded on the plane. That’s pretty last minute, but it happens.
    What Dept are you going to be working in? That makes a big difference on whether there are winter openings. Generally there are more openings in the trades, especially in a year with construction going on. You might also think about applying for a winter position at the pole.
    Do me a favor if you respond to this letter would you post it on the discussion message board. I’m trying to keep most of the questions about actually living down here in once place.
    Congrats on being accepted.
    mike in mcmurdo

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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