Wisdom Teeth?

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    Hey, do any of you guys happen to know, is the ‘no wisdom teeth’ requirement specific to the US program, or does anybody going down for any country have to get their teeth removed?


    I don’t know. Teeth are a major medical problem inspite of the  requirements. People still seem to slip through the cracks. I remember a few winters ago when the doctor said what they should have done was hired a dentist and give him 3 weeks of medical training.
    I would imagine all countries have strict medical requirments, but whether wisdom teeth are part of it, who knows.
    See you on the 22nd Z


    I went at winfly last season with all 4 of my wizzies still in my head. The Denver DDS did require a PAX[periapical x-ray] of them however.
       Rocky D.D.S.


    [font=Garamond, Times, Serif:lmkbamqu]Well, I think they should have required you to have your “wizzies” out.  Just kidding!!!  [/font:lmkbamqu]
    [font=Garamond:lmkbamqu]How are things going for you??? I talked with Dr. Shemenski today, they have a dentist going down for Winfly only.[/font:lmkbamqu]
    [font=Garamond:lmkbamqu]They are still looking for someone for main body.  Could be right up your alley.  [/font:lmkbamqu][font=Garamond:lmkbamqu]  Take care, Rocky…Susan [/font:lmkbamqu]


    Hi Susan,
           How’s things. Are you going at Winfly?

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