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    Mike I am a union plumber/ pipefitter/ welder.  I can also operate heavy equipment and could handle many other jobs in the job type page.  I was wondering how the divison of work duties is done.  Is it a case where the more you can do the better or is the job description all you can do?  for example would I be more employable if I could dig the ditch (operator) and install the piping (pipefitter)?  I am getting a resume ready and need to know how to word it.


    For the most part you get hired to one position. We get lots of people just like you who have many talents but their first year they take any job they can. We’ve had plenty of carpenters, lawyers, plumbers etc that were hired for things as diverse as janitors or dishwashers their first year. After that they move on to other jobs in their later years. On the other hand when things get slow often times people will “volunteer” to do other jobs and help out with things they know. That especially happens if someone gets sick and they are desperate for someone knowledgeable to replace him.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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