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    Dear Members of the Discussion group,

    Could any of you spare 15 minutes of your time to make one Renaissance man’s dream come true? Allow me to explain. My name is Kristopher Bowen. I am a 27 year old recent law school graduate currently living and studying for the Texas bar exam in Houston, TX. My alma mater is Texas A&M University and I recently graduated from the University of Tulsa College of Law.

    My love story started three years ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During my second year of law school, I met my girlfriend, Andrea Tidwell, during her new law student orientation week. It wasn’t long before we dated and I fell deeply in love with her. Three years later, we both graduated with our Juris Doctorate and now we are studying for the Texas bar exam together.

    It is my plan to ask for her hand in marriage on August 6, 2008 in Austin, TX. Recently, an idea came to me on how I was going to ask Andrea to marry me.

    My idea revolved around the phrase ‘You Mean The World To Me’. Since I am a photo and art buff, my idea was to locate someone on every continent in the world (7 people, 7continents) to write the words, ‘Andrea, you mean the world to me,will you marry me?’ on a piece of paper/cardboard, and to have that person take a digital picture in a scenic location (or behind a famous landmark) and send the photo to me to include in an engagement book. In this book, I will include your picture, a poem, and a short story/biography of the person who took the photo for me and how I met them. I have attached two photos to this message. The first is of my new friend Conaire holding up a sign in front of Big Ben in London, England. The second is of my friend Laura from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Can someone on this message board volunteer to help me with this important project? Could someone use a sharpie and write these important words on piece of white paper/cardboard, and possibly take a few photos of the paper with an Antarctic background? It would mean the world to me and I would most certainly send you a copy of the book of photos from around the world when I finish. (Send me your name and address). If you can help, I would ask you to have fun with it, take a few photos of thepaper/cardboard, then take a few photos of you and any of your friends around helping you.

    May God Bless you in your endeavors!

    Thank you for your help with this project,


    Kristopher Bowen
    kbowenlaw at

    See the attached picture. 😀



    This project has been completed.

    To all, practice random acts of kindness. This special person did and he made my day.

    Good luck and God bless

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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