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    Zondra, I sent you an email, I was just wondering if it went to your junk mail? Or did you get it?


    [font=Arial:grssmgqg]While we’re looking for Zondra:[/font:grssmgqg]

    [font=Arial:grssmgqg]Hey, girl!  How about a report on how your new job is going?  I hear things are pretty interesting down there this season.[/font:grssmgqg]

    [font=Arial:grssmgqg]Hope all’s well![/font:grssmgqg]



    Sara – I emailed you back
    Erica – I love my job, but I absolutely hate my work environment.  Email me off the message board for more details.  Zondra.Skertich(at)usap.gov
    Atlas – thanks for forewarding these messages to me


    Hey Zondra
    Hi from Mike
    We are still working in Port Hueneme. The boat is parked out in front of us and starts getting loaded in a few days. I want to take some pictures, but I was told some ladies a while back got handcuffed for taking photos on a military base, so I’ll wait until I find the rules. We work here till after christmas. Fly to Baltimore on Jan 3 and leave for the ice on Jan 12, so should see you soon.
    I’m on Outlook so send an email about how things are going? Anything you need sent from here? We’ll be sending our stuff down soon.
    See Ya

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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